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Worst Nintendo Experiences

Accidentally erased the game. Animals mess you up or break something. Attacked by a tree Baby, don't come out yet, I'm playing Nintendo Bad Dreams. Batteries go dead Beat the game and some one else takes the credit Break or almost break a game, controller, or system. Bugs mess you up. Buy a new game, get a different game in it. Camp out for a game. Can't even get passed the first level. Can't turn your Nintendo on The computer cheats. Creating codes Driving brakes your Nintendo Earthquake Faint Farts Final Fantasy 3 bug. "Friends" rip you off. Funcoland/GameStop The game erases it's self. Game Freezes Game Genie or Game Shark messes you up. Game is too easy The game or system doesn't work. Get magnetize Get a new system but you can't use it. Get cursed for letting some one barrow a game. Get embarrassed. Get interrupted or the game get's turned off. Get robbed. Get shocked Glued to the Nintendo. Holidays/Birthdays House gets damaged because of Nintendo. I can hold it. I can hold it. OOPS! No I cant!!! Keep returning games. Kicked out of Nintendo of America Lightning Lose a bet. Lose a friend because of Nintendo. Lose at the end of the game. Lose to someone else. Moving Nintendo makes you get glasses Nintendo Power Magazines get destroyed Nintendo sends you to the hospital. Passwords Play for a long time and get a bad game ending. Playing Nintendo get's you in trouble. Potty trained Power goes out. Renting a game Riped off Someone saves over your game. Struck by lightning Talk in your sleep Throw up. Trying to sell a game or system Try not to cheat. Turn the game off. TV is messed up Want a game too much Wash your game

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