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Playing Nintendo get's you in trouble.

Sent in by John Since 1989 I have owned all the Nintendo Systems, (except Game Boy and Virtual Boy) and you would not believe all the controllers I have broken. I must have been through 8 NES Controllers, 5 Super NES Controllers, and about 10 N64 controllers, and all these controller smashings damaged my house in some way. But the worst was in about 1990. I was playing "Wrath of The Black Manta" and I made it to El Toro. I couldn't figure out how to defeat him, I spent hours upon hours trying to figure it out but I couldn't seem to do it. Eventually I became so frustrated I ripped my Nintendo controller out of the socket and threw it right out my window! It shattered the window, but that isn't all. After it went out the window it hit my Parents Car, leaving a huge dent and a shattered window in it's wrath. When my fuming Dad entered the room I knew I was dead.
Sent in by I got the Pokemon red version when it just came out as a gift, and my friend had the blue version. He was a lot further ahead than me, so I struggled daily to beat him. In the process, I ended up staying up as late as 3 AM in the morning on a school night. my mom got majorly mad and confiscated my Game Boy. Later that night I snuck into my mom's room to find my Game Boy, and I knocked over my dad's set of golf clubs, setting off a tremendous crash as it punched out the screen door and rolled out the window and off of the balcony. My dog started to bark and howl, my 2 year old sister started to cry, and worst of all, the security alarm went off. I was grounded for a month and my Game Boy was permanently destroyed by my dad, and I had to pay nearly $350 for some of the golf clubs that I destroyed.
Sent in by Justin Doyle In 1992 I got the Super NES for Christmas. I had so much fun playing it and so did my mom some times, but she was getting a little worried about how long I was playing it. She told me that if I did not slow down on how much I was playing she would throw it out. I tried to slow down but it was hard. She finally said that it was going the next day. I begged for another chance and she said maybe. At night my parents argued about it and finally they let me have another chance.
Sent in by Timmy Brown Once I was playing WCW/NWO Revenge. My mom told me that I could only play one more game for the week and then I was grounded for the rest of the nine weeks in school because I had bad grades. So, I'm going along playing the World Heavyweight Championship with Flair on Hard (not really Flair, just Fit Finlay dressed up as Flair and changing his name to Flair because Flair's not in the game) and I'm on the last guy. It took me forever to get there because I'm not that great on the Hard setting and my opponent was always reversing my moves. Mom was continually saying "Aren't you done yet?" throughout the hour and a half I was playing the Championship. Anyway, I'm on the last guy and BOOM the game freezes as I was doing my special!!! What was up with that? So, since I had to turn off the game, I couldn't play again for nine more weeks.
Sent in by Longbow This was back in the days of Super Mario 3 for the NES. I was playing through it (I was taking the fast way-flutes), all the way to Bowser's Castle. I made it inside the castle, all the way to Bowser himself. I had to pause the game to go to the bathroom. When I got back, the game was frozen and wouldn't unpause!!! I was so frustrated, since I haven't beaten it yet! So I started over and played through again. This time, I had made him fall through, and I slipped on the Pause button while celebrating!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I was so mad, I threw the controller into the TV, which in return, got me grounded for a month. I wasn't able to play again till about a month later, and I beat it then, but I was so freaking mad at that moment, I cried straight through that month!
Sent in by Mike I was playing Game Boy while I was walking around with my mom. Well after a while, I looked up and realized that I had followed the wrong person around by mistake, and all because of my Game Boy! I was so embarrassed. Worse yet, when I finally found my mom, she grounded me of Game Boy, TV, and Sega, for several weeks!

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