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Sent in by Aaron Krabbe Once I really wanted a Game Boy. I recently graduated from the eighth grade. With the money I received, my grandmother made me put it in the bank. So on the day after graduation when school was out, I hurried to the bank when my parents were at work. The bank teller asked if I was allowed to take money out. I said yes. To make her believe it more I also told her I needed the money for a Florida vacation. She gave me the money, and off I went to the toy store across the street. There I purchased a Game Boy, the games Paper Boy, and Pokemon (the red one), and a Game Boy Game Shark. The total came out to 111.18. With my $150 I withdrew I had plenty, and more left over. Well I went home and played Pokemon for 2 hours which was a really cool game. Later my mom came home and caught me red handed. She marched me right up to the toy store and I got a refund. Then to the bank. I was petrified that we would come face to face to the teller that I did business with. My mom didn't know I lied to the bank. So I hurried into the bank and filled out a deposit slip with the money I got back. The teller was open for business, but I waited in line for another teller. It worked. The new teller said "May I help you?"I handed her the deposit slip to the lady with my head turned away from the previous teller. My mom told the teller she didn't want a 14 year old to be withdrawing from the bank. The teller changed the account to a guardian account and we went out of the bank. Phew!!! Then to my surprise my mom pulled up to the toy store and handed me 15 bucks. "Go get yourself a squirt gun," she said. Just don't say anything about any of this to your father. We laughed and went home. Now she doesn't trust me to stay in our house so I have to spend 4 hours every day for five days a week at my grandmas. That is until she can trust me.

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