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Game is too easy

Sent in by Stuart Once I had been trying to get Donkey Kong Country 2 for at least a year. I finally got it for $25.00 dollars and it took me 3 days to get %101.
Sent in by Sean I had just paid 40 hard earned dollars for a game I thought would be fun and challenging--Yoshi's Story for the Nintendo 64. I was happy. It was a Saturday afternoon when I popped that baby in my 64. Little did I know, one hour later, I would beat the game, WITH EVERYTHING, without a strategy guide or anything! I WAS ANGRY AS BEEP. I had just paid $40 for one hour worth of play!
Sent in by Dragon Malcom It took me 8 years to beat Super Mario Bros. It took me 5 years to beat Super Mario Bros. 2. It took me 5 days to beat Super Mario Bros. 3. It took me one DAY to beat Super Mario 64 ..Don't you think games should get harder as time progresses...

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