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Get interrupted or the game get's turned off.

Sent in by Peter L. Krueger I was playing Castlevania, a long time ago, and it was time for dinner. My little brother came in to get me, and without saying anything, pushed in the power button. I screamed at him, "DON'T LET GO OF THAT BUTTON!!!!" I made him stand there, holding his finger on the button, until I finished my game.
Sent in by Mike Waters For a while I have asked my mom not to interrupt anything going on in my room where things can be missed (games, movies, and music). I was playing Castlevania in hard mode as Reinhardt, and had been playing on the duel tower for an hour or two, and now I was to the jump that takes you out of the level. Right as I was to make the jump, my mom called me and I missed it, plummeting into the poison water below and having to restart the level again.
Sent in by Spencer Barnes I was playing Gradius 3 when every time I sat down to play my mother kept asking me to do something else like clean my room, water the dog, feed the fish, open the pickle jar, etc. I only got to the second level before dinner and after dinner I am not allowed to play Nintendo.
Sent in by Nikolai Krauchi I was playing Killer Instinct on my Super NES, and I was just about to beat it when my little 3 year old sister came into my room and kicked the Super NES onto the floor for no reason at all. I got up to get her, but she ran away, I looked at my Super NES which was still lying on the floor with the game still in it. I looked at the TV screen, but it was blank, and I was JUST about to beat the game only using 1 Continue.
Sent in by C.E.G. I was playing Star Fox 64 for the first time and I had just killed Andross when my cousin got up and pulled the electric cord out of the wall!!!
Sent in by Cole Justesen I was playing Mario Brothers 3 on the very first day that I had bought it. I was on about the 5th level, which was really exciting for me because I was having the hardest time with it, and my brother walked by and tripped on the controller cord. This pulled the system with a quick jerk and the game had reseted on me.
Sent in by Maziar Soltani I was about to beat Aztec Temple in Goldeneye under a very fast time which would of given me the ALL GUNS CHEAT when my brother "accidently" pull out the game and deleted my saved games.
Sent in by Mason Warr I don't have a save pak for my 64 and right when I was about to win the World Series for All-star baseball, my brother turned it off. I WAS SO MAD!!!
Sent in by Justin Eagleson I was playing Death and Return of Superman on the Super NES one day, and I was on the last level, and when I got to the boss, my mom shut it off! Me and my cousin screamed our heads off!!
Sent in by Dan S. While playing Star Fox 64, I got to the last level on expert and having my last life and I lost to Andross just as I was going to nova him for the last time because the phone rang. I still can't get back there.
Sent in by Bj I was playing Donkey Kong Country 2 on the Super NES. I was fighting K. Rool at the end of the game, and getting really frustrated. I had been trying to kill him for ages and had just managed to get rid of him (after using about 75 lives I had saved up), when my sister came in, switched the game off before my success was saved, and told me it was time for dinner and I had to turn the Nintendo off!

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