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House gets damaged because of Nintendo.

Sent in by Joe One time I was playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past and I was up until 1 o'clock AM. My Uncle got royally mad and turned off the TV. An hour later.....I had to go take a dump. I hit the rolling cart with my hip and it began to roll! It had the TV, Super NES, and my 50 pound weights on it. A supreme crash started. The cart hit my dad's set of golf clubs and his Treadmill I watched in horror as all of it punched out the screen door and flew off the balcony. I was on the third floor of my house and my dad was sleeping in a hammock and he got away in time and he was in perfect condition, but him and I saw all 300 pounds of it take a 33 foot dive STRAIGHT THROUGH THE GARDEN SHED! (it was a wooden shed and it was behind the hammock) He looked in and saw what I did and he started cursing his head off! I looked through the hole and I saw what he did.He disassembled my Super NES!! And OOOH BOY, did he ever, and I mean DID HE EVER place the poppings on me!! I was faced with the facts that I was stuck with no Super NES, I had to pay at least $925 for the things I destroyed. It also placed requirements on my Nintendo 64 playing in front of my dad, like making good grades, having written permission and things like that. Worst of all, it was stuck with me FOR ABOUT A YEAR!
Sent in by Joe This got me grounded for 2 months and I had to do a LOT of housework. I was playing Zelda 64 and I went to eat pizza. When I wanted to finish, I tripped over the controller cord. I was hoping the controller would just come out. WROOOOOOOONG! Instead of the controller just popping out, THE ENTIRE SYSTEM WENT CRASHING DOWN ALONG WITH IT!!! The system hit me and knocked me out in front of the TV on a rolling cart. 30 Minutes later........My 13 year old sister came in the room right after cheerleading practice, and kissed me on both my cheeks. Needless to say they were red and both of us accidentally kicked the rolling cart with the televisions on it. It rolled and spinned around and the TV's and Nintendo 64 fell off, and it created 7 GIGANTIC holes right into the wall and the rolling cart knocked my brother's shelf of CD's and they fell down to the first floor and broke through the guard rails.
Sent in by Matt Once in 1996, I was playing Earthbound for the Super NES, despite being grounded. So I told my brother (7 at the time) to pretend to be playing, while I sat on the floor with a blanket draped over me and the 1st player controller. My mom got so mad when she figured it out! She said I couldn't play for a month! I was so mad I ran up to the middle of our basement stairs and kicked a hole about 2 inches wide and 1 inch high right into the wall!
Sent in by Steve Battazzo I rented WWF Warzone for N64, and was trying to unlock some cheats by beating the game on medium level. I was unbelievably frustrated and hit my controller hard. The controller fell out of my hand and my Rumble Pak/Controller Pak Combo thing broke in half. My mom refused to buy me a new one, and making the matter worse, I threw the pak on the floor and it bounced against my closet and made a noise. My mom took away all of my Nintendo stuff, and I had nothing else to do due to the awful weather. When my mom and sister left for a while, I was so angered, I punched a hole in my wall as big as my foot (pretty big, even though I'm small) Fortunately, I got my games back a week later.
Sent in by Ryan Westmoreland This resulted in me getting grounded, losing Nintendo for weeks, and me having to do a LOT of housework. Here's how it happened... I was working hard everyday trying to beat Final Fantasy for the NES. My friend had finally beat it, and was acting like my coach whenever I needed help. That day, I had gotten to Chaos' temple and was lost, and desperately needed him to walk me through it, however, the phone wouldn't reach the TV. Since the TV was on a rolling cart, I dragged it out as far as I could, and brought the phone in as close as I could and could finally talk on the phone, and play Nintendo with the cord fully extended. My dad came home and saw the mess of cords and wires all over the house, and yelled at me, telling me to put the TV back. When I finally got off the phone and began to roll the cart back over the the back wall, the TV fell off, rolled across the room, and made 3 large holes in the wall. My dad was ! so upset that I lost Nintendo for 6 weeks, and had to fix the wall. It was a very sad and painful experience, but at least I beat the game!!

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