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Nintendo makes you get glasses

Sent in by Duker My worst Nintendo experience was when I needed to get glasses after playing to much Nintendo. Everyday when I got home from school I played Nintendo 64, a lot!!!! Eventually I played to much and I started getting blurry vision. I told my mom about this and she took me to the eye doctor. And guess what? I needed glasses! I was pretty upset when I heard, and I was around 8 at the time. So now I don't play Nintendo much, but I still play a lot. To this day I still have glasses but I don't mind them much anymore.
Sent in by Travis I got Goldeneye for my birthday, and I was really excited to play it because I heard that Goldeneye is a really cool game. So I played it, and I died on the first level, which was expected because I didn't have any experience with shooting games, and once I got a taste, I needed more. So I ended up playing it for 11 straight hours, let me clarify that, 11 STRAIGHT HOURS. So I got to the level Jungle, and when I saw Xenia come out she looked like a huge blur. I really hadn't noticed that everything else was blurry too, since I was so glued to the screen. I figured it was just eye strain, so I went to sleep, and when I woke up, everything was blurry, still! So when I told my mom about it, she's like, "Well, that's what you get for playing that game for so long!" So she took me to a friend of mine's dad that was an optomologist, and he said, "What on Earth did you do? Stare at the sun for a week?" and I said, "Almost," So he took me to his office and put me in that weird glasses thing, and he gave me a prescription for glasses. I look horrible in glasses! So now, just because of a Nintendo 64 game, I have glasses.

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