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Lose a friend because of Nintendo.

Sent in by Ishihara Once I was at my friend Jay's house. The day before, I was at his house and had traded him a Zapdos card. The Zapdos card that I had traded him was out of his binder and in his deck! I started looking at his deck and accidentally bent and scratched the Zapdos that I had given him! Well, anyway, Jay got very mad at me. He said that I'd have to give him a replacement Zapdos card within a month or he wouldn't be my friend anymore (He was in 3rd grade at the time and I was in 5th, so he doesn't understand as much as I do.) Anyway, I tried my best to get a new Zapdos card, but I couldn't. And now my friend Jay doesn't like me because of a Pokemon card!
Sent in by Andreas Kanitz I was at a friends birthday party and i brought my Final Fantasy 3 game because I was going take on the fanatics tower because my bud wanted to see if I could win in 1 try (He lost miserably every time he tried). I was about half-way up the tower when one of the other people at the party wanted to watch a hockey game. My bud (The guy who's party it was) told him to chill and wait 10 minutes, 5 minutes later the guy said he wanted to watch the game NOW, I told him to wait and the jerk yelled and pulled the power cord out. I had lost my game 2 floors from the master, something that had taken me almost 30 minutes because the bet I had going was that I had to kill everything and get all the powerups. I was so mad I beat up the guy who pulled the power cord and the party got stopped. My bud understood and the guy who pulled the plug is no longer our friend.
Sent in by Ian Hill I was playing Final Fantasy 3 for the first time through. I was at the last place you could save at. Any ways, I had gotten a Game Genie code from a former friend of mine, where if you use it, you get a different ending, so I figured hey, I haven't seen the original ending yet, but I can see it later. I put the code in, pressed A, and ALL THE FILES WERE ERASED! It was the Game Genie code that erases all three files! My Dad and Brother (who each had a file) were NOT happy, and I told my "friend" about it, and he denied it. I haven't spoke to him since.

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