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Game Genie or Game Shark messes you up.

Sent in by Zack I had just gotten a Game Shark 2.2 and I remember it was capable with Zelda 64. Yes!! So I put it in and I put in the keycode and started to play it. It worked. cool! Then I put in the Beta Quest code and it was pretty cool, except for when it froze. I played the Beta Quest for almost 2 weeks. Then yesterday I put it in played the Beta Quest and tried to go into Zora's Domain.... it froze so I turned it off and then didn't play the beta quest. I went to play my best file and it was GONE!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I had all skulltulas killed, every heart piece, perfect score in the horse back archery, the cow, Epona, the Biggoron's sword, and hadn't died once. I was so mad. I am never going to play Zelda with a Game Shark again.
Sent in by Neil I was putting in a Game Shark 2.2 and Super Mario 64 with it. And I put in a Game Shark code called "cool base code!" And i pressed start and my entire system SHUT DOWN...PERMENATLY! So I had to go out and buy a new system!
Sent in by Nick Hesson Right after I buy the version 2.1, and I mean right after I buy it, they come out with a version 2.2. So I say what the heck, I'll send it in right away. So of course I package it up and mail it away. Well, hey, on the Interact website it says, "Please allow 4-6 Weeks" HA! It should say 4-6 MONTHS!!! It took me at least 5 months to get the upgraded version and let me tell you, it was NOT worth the wait!
Sent in by James T. N. Vacations..., every vacation as a kid, my Game Boy went with me.., whether I were going across the state or across the country, my Game Boy went. I went to the store where we were vacationing and saw a good deal on a Game Boy Game Genie.., $14.00 wasn't too bad, so I bought it. The part that I didn't really think of is that this Game Genie could do damage to my games. Well, one day I was playing The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening, in my new Game Genie. I was the kind of kid that liked to figure out new things about games that nobody knew about.., So I restarted the Game Boy, the code screen came up. I started putting in a bunch of codes that I had made up. Even if it said that they were invalid codes, I kept on putting more in. Then no invalid code screen came up., so I started playing! When my game started up, all that I saw was Link on the screen. Now you could move him around and everything, but you did not know where you were going at all! I was mad. I think since I was so young, I even started crying. That was one of my favorite games on my Game Boy. I told my parents about it., and asked them if they would buy me a new Zelda game.., (the way my parents are, they told me that I was out of my mind!) So then I got fed up with all of it! I thought to myself.,"hey James, how bout' you fix it with what you broke it with?" I was very self confident in myself., so I tried it! I tried putting codes of my own in again., that never worked. I tried and tried and tried, but it would just not work. I tried other ways like cleaning the cartridge head, but that didn't work. I tried playing the game without the game genie, guess what., that didn't work either! I let the Game Boy set for awhile. Later that night I started my Game Boy up with the Game Genie in it. I was so mad that I just started putting the game in, and taking it out., over and over again with the power ON! Suddenly, the full screen on the game came up. I was shocked that something like that would have fixed my game, but I guess that it was just luck. From that point on I never used my Game Genie again. In fact, I gave it to my friend down the street, and he says that he has had no problems with it.., so far! I learned that day that I would not have had to worry about this whole ordeal if I would have just used the game properly!
Sent in by Nicholas Forster I think it was the time, with my prized save game, on Final Fantasy 3. I had the game perfect, had every character, so I put in a Game Genie code to get General Leo. I got, him, and decided, to have some fun, with him. I put in another Game Genie code to change his commands every battle. It glitched, up, and whenever I went somewhere, the game would crash. So the message is: Don't try Game Genie codes on your saved games.
Sent in by Dj Last year I had just gotten a Game Genie and I tried some of the codes for Final Fantasy 3 (Kefka and Leo) I got back on the airship. It wouldn't let me save after that and i had no more characters to use they all disappeared, So I reset and all my save games were gone.
Sent in by Tyler Nesper Worst Nintendo Experience: My worst Nintendo experience was when I was playing a RPG. The RPG was so long I had 60 hours into it already. Yes I had a Game Shark in. I was on the last level fighting the final boss when the game froze. Yes it froze after 60 hours of game time. I called Game Shark and they made me pretty mad. The guy said, "Well I'm very sorry that that happened but I'm afraid all you can do is start the game over." I was like come on I played for 60 hours and you are telling me to start over. So I did but I was upset.
Sent in by Lonnie Bradford (L-train) It occurred after hours of playing Ultima: Runes of Virtue 2 on Game Boy. Stuck in a dungeon and frustrated I decided to stop playing for a while. When I came back instead of continuing to play I thought I would try to make some Game Shark codes. While experimenting with some various codes I was able to make one for infinite money. Wow I thought. This is pretty cool! Unfortunately there was a bad side effect to this code. When hitting the continue feature with the code on, the saved game would be erased. Ever since this incident occurred I never have played Ultima: Runes of Virtue 2 again.
Sent in by Chris Terry I had just bought a new Super NES game, and my little brother put it in my 64's Game Shark. The game doesn't work now.

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