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Sent in by Burned Last year, 1999 in the beginning of July right after the 4th, i was playing my N64 Quest 64 (its a OK beginner game not enough challenge for me). I really wanted to beat it and I had nothing else to do because there was this terrible storm outside, so what happens is a bolt of lighting hits my power lines! You wont believe it but this bolt was so incredibly strong it totally fried half of my left arm and 2 of my right hand's fingers, it took me a minute or two (literally) to take in the trama of my arms. I was mad about losing my game till i saw the burned remains of my arms. Well goodbye N64, it was burned and i have no usable arms. My parents rushed me to the hospital 3 weeks later when I was realized they hand removed most of my right arm and my middle and ring finger on my right hand plus the rest of my right hand needed to recover a bit. I was torn mentally, my N64 was dead and I couldn't use my other two systems (NES Super NES). When I read a old Nintendo Power (with my nose!) I read about this kid who played with his toes, that I tried, I could play the Super NES and NES but I had to walk my bro through our new N64 in order for me to play.
Sent in by Duke Ngo I was playing with my Zelda ocarina of time one day with a lighting storm outside. My mom told my not to play video games on rainy days because it was really dangerous to play games on rainy days. I was like yeah yeah yeah I didn't really care. I was playing Zelda until a lighting bolt hit our house's annteni and their was a loud explode sound. I didn't really care because I was too hooked on the game. I was playing until the N64 controller started to rumble. It rumbled like the rumble pak but my rumble pak was not in the controller! Weird I thought. I thought that I miss the rumble so much that I can feel the rumble right now. So I got some batts for my rumble pak but guess what? The batteries won't come out of my hands! I tried throwing it but it didn't work. I tried washing it off but It was a mistake! I was shocked like heck until the batteries ran out of power. My hair was all stiff and smoke was coming out of my ears. So from that day on I never played video games when it is raining ever again! well, until one day...
Sent in by Christmas one year I got an Nintendo 64 and 2 games. I played them for about a month then I got grounded, for 1 month. My dad unhooked the system and hid it in his closet. After a month I asked my dad for it back but he got mad and grounded me for another month. After about 1 month and a half he finally remembered he had it and gave it back to me. It was about mid-April when I got it back. I brushed all of the dust off and hooked it back up. I had saved up money to buy a game so I did. I had three games and my birthday rolled around in June. My parents and grandparents gave me a total of 5 games. I was real excited. Then..........not 3 nights later. We had a real bad storm and I was playing the games and guess what happened...... the system was hit by lightning. Fried it like chicken. I tried to get a refund but they said that the warranty was up so I couldn't. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I sat around for the rest of the year trying to save up enough money. I finally did and bought one...again. I got 2 games for Christmas that year. I promised myself not to ever get grounded again or play while it was raining.
Sent in by Jess Lambert I was playing my new Super NES game, Final Fantasy 3, during a lightning storm and my house or something was hit by a bolt and as the electricity did its thing I was shocked and my Super NES was cooked.

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