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Game Freezes

Sent in by Patrick I let my friend borrow my copy of Super Mario RPG and told him that these things overheat if your not careful and play it 24 hours a day and leave it in the sun and stuff. (When you live in such a warm climate as we do). So next time I come to get it back, I ask where it is and he goes to get it out of the freezer. Next time I tried it all the characters were deleted, including the one who was at level 30 before he got to Mack. It only took me 4 MONTHS to get it that powerful!
Sent in by Andrew Ferrier My worst Nintendo experience almost made me crazy. I had just destroyed Kefka in Final Fantasy 3 and was awaiting my reward of an ending sequence and what happens? FREEZE! The program froze, I didn't play that game again for a week because I couldn't believe it. I finally played again and after a few more times I won and saw the ending sequence.
Sent in by Frank While I was plying Yoshi's Island, I was on the last level defeating big Bowser by throwing eggs. I just hit him and I needed one more hit for him to die. Just then when I threw the egg it froze. I Got really mad and started knocking my head on the wall. I had to start ALL over again.
Sent in by Lee Spangler I had my Game Genie on my Super NES and I was going all the way through Super Ghouls and Ghosts and in the game you have to go all the way through it twice to beat it. I was at the last castle on the second way around and my cousin tripped on the controller cord and the game froze.
Sent in by Mike Waters I play a lot of older games even now. For quite a while I was working on Kirby's Adventure for the NES. I'd never beaten the Extra Game 100% before and this time was determined to do it. After quite a while of playing, I made it to Orang Ocean (world 6 for those who don't know), and my NES, which glitches from time to time, was holding out well. However, during Orange Ocean, without warning it glitched. Not only were the images terribly distorted, but the game had frozen, thereby making all my hard work for nothing. I was so angry I threw the controller at the console.
Sent in by Shaun Johnson I was playing Super Caesars Palace. I had $650,000 , give or take a few, and was at the highest Black Jack table. I bet all my money, then got a King of hearts and an ace for 21. I won. And then, just as he handed me the money, the game froze, and I was forced to reset and lost $1,300,000!!!!
Sent in by Chris Hall I was at the end of Final Fantasy 3 and the last time I saved was at the end of the world on the island and I was fighting Kefka and I died then it took me 4 hours just to get there again and then it froze on me because I had it on for 32 hours strait and it took it three weeks to work. but it took three more hours for me to get it back.
Sent in by Daniel Jansosn One time when I played "The Adventures of Zelda" I thought I could play the whole game without saving. WROOOOONG. When I went in to Ganon the game just stopped, I was furious, I felt anger and pain in my thumbs. After that I was so depressed so I didn't play on my NES for almost three weeks
Sent in by Paul I was at the last Level of Zelda. I was facing the last boss I was so hyped I needed to give him one hit.... the hit was headed his way then the game froze. It wouldn't do anything!!!
Sent in by Aj I was playing Indiana Jones Temple of doom for NES? I had been playing all day long. I was on level 10 b. One of the last levels of the game. No Game Genie either! Anyway, my friend came over. He was watching me play a bit, and then he could play. Then his brother came in and watched. You know how NES's mess up when you bump 'em? Well, my friends brother put his foot on the stand and messed up the game! I got sooo Mad! I forgave him, but he hasn't played my NES ever since!

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