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Sent in by Driako The Unlucky In Gex for Game Boy, the only problem was the password. It is 22 characters long consisting of two types of arrows pointing in different directions (it doesn't sound like a lot, but I wrote the password 18 times. Check my quick mental math, but that seems to be about 396 little arrows). No, that's not it. With 22 characters, its easy to make a mistake. This is a game my brother owns and he lost the instructions (naturally). I played through several levels only to realize I couldn't figure out how to write the password. After several days of hair-pulling, I finally figured out how to type it. When I typed it, I realized I made a mistake and had to start all over again. Guess what, it gets worse. I played for over an our and beat several levels. I then wrote down the password. It was incorrect again, all that stuff I accomplished flushed down the toilet. I then tried the password I said earlier didn't work. It did. I made a typo, urgh that was horrible! By now, I was complaining how much I despised the game to my family (though I wouldn't stop playing it) and managed to fix the harm I did. I messed up three more times, which although horrible, I could bear. I finally got the message and started rechecking my notes 4 times. Guess what? I messed up again on one of the tougher levels in the game! I had to beat that level all over again!

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