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Animals mess you up or break something.

Sent in by Ermac Probably my worst Nintendo experience was when I had just gotten WWF Wrestlemania 2000 the day it was released. I had pre-ordered it and everything. So I played it for the entire night and created lots of wrestlers in the create-a-wrestler slots. You know how time-consuming it can be to set certain moves for each created wrestler without cloning a current wrestler's moves. But anyway, the next day, I wanted to try out some Game Shark codes I found on the internet because I had purchased a Game Shark Pro 3.2 the previous week for $55. So after a few hours, I went to go take a shower. And I had left the game pack in the Game Shark which was still in the Nintendo 64. As I came downstairs after my shower, I saw my cat jump up on the table. And being as how heavy and fat my cat is, it tried to jump over the Nintendo 64, but it missed. Before I could do anything about it, the cat had bent the game pack backwards. Therefore, the chip inside of the game pack broke off and was jammed into the Game Shark ruining both the game pack and the Game Shark. It took around $110 to replace both items. I was very angry at the cat. And now I hold a personal grudge against it every day. Let's just hope it doesn't destroy any more of my important electronic devices. Now I always keep the game pack removed from the Game Shark whenever I'm finished playing my Nintendo 64.
Sent in by JR When I bought my Nintendo 64. I waited on line for over an hour to get it. After I got home and plugged everything in, I started playing Star Fox. A second later, my dog charges in the room and got caught in the controller wire. The system smashed on the floor and broke. I had to pay some ridiculous repair charges and wait a week and a half to finally play with my new system.
Sent in by Andrew Mathas Once, long ago I had gotten Banjo Kazooie. I Played it and played it for about 4 1/2 hours. My pet cat came in the room and looked at the TV. seeing and hearing Kazooie drove her nuts. She jumped up onto me and scratched up my leg. In pain, I dropped the controller, thus pulling the system out into the open. After having my leg grated, she continued to run around meowing loudly. Then she hit the Nintendo 64. The system froze. I couldn't believe it. After all of this, my cat was satisfied with the killing of Kazooie and my 4 1/2 hour game and just left the room happily.
Sent in by Jerad Orton When the Super NES was new I was playing Secret of Mana. Then my cat came into the room he went by the Nintendo and took a dump all over it. Of course he had diarrhea and of course after you poop you have to podie and so he ruined my Nintendo because the poop went through the game slot and the podie made a stain the worst part was that I was about to kill the Mana Beast.
Sent in by Kimberly My mom and sister had just come home with this new dog. Of course it wasn't trained and it also liked to chew on everything it could see. One day after we had gotten the dog, I sat down and I wanted to play my Zelda, my new game that I had gotten for Christmas. I sat down to play and smelt this terrible smell. I leaned over to turn my N64 on, and it turns out that my new dog had given me a little surprise right on top of my gold cartridge!! I was so mad at my dog!! Well, the next week, I sat down to do play my N64 again (after cleaning up my dogs personal belongings) and I found that every single cord on the entire Nintendo, was now in at least 2 pieces!!
Sent in by Tim Whitehead My dog chewed up my game (Mario Kart 64) and I thought it was finished, by my dad molded it a bit with something hot and the game works fine now!
Sent in by Imdabomb Once, when I was playing Zelda 64, I made myself a personal bet that I could get all the way to the part in the game where you become an adult. Well, I was doing pretty well, and nothing could possibly go wrong. But of course, it did. I had taken about an hour of break and was ready to play again. But when I turned the TV on, my dad's game was playing. I asked if he had saved my game before he started on his, but of course, the answer was no. I was pretty fried, since I had to start over again. I worked on the game a little, but had to be dragged to bed at around 10:00. The next day, I was somewhere around where you get the first bottle when my dog, a German Shepard/Colley mix, tripped over the cord connecting the controller to the N64, but instead of the controller popping out, the entire system comes crashing down along with it!!! I almost had a heart attack!!!!! The game turned off, and for a few seconds, I just sat there, wondering if it was busted. You know how valuable that game is! Luckily when I turned the game back on, it was fine, as well as all of my files...except the one I was working on! I haven't played it since.
Sent in by Zak Reichenbach I was playing The Legend of Zelda for the NES. I was at the Last castle of the game and just about ready to enter it then my dog Cody a miniature collie sat down on the wire in the back that you plug in to the wall and **POOF** It shut off.
Sent in by Carl Richardson I was playing Final Fantasy 3 for the Super NES and I had gotten to the end! So since I didn't want to try and beat it on the level I was on I went out to get more level ups. I got quite a few when BLIP my cat had pulled out the wire for the Super NES. I yelled at her then kicked her out of my room. I turned it back on and my game was gone!
Sent in by Jacob Schaale I needed only win one more first place gold cup race in Mario Kart 64 (the Wario's Stadium track) and I was in first place and was no more than FIVE seconds from crossing the finish line, when in runs my five cats being chased by my three dogs and they ran RIGHT into the TV stand! My N64 became unplugged and I SCREAMED!!! I burst out crying and I continuously hit my head an the wall. I was upset about that for at LEAST a MONTH!
Sent in by Dr. Manli One time, I was playing my N64 when my dog came pounding into the room. She sat down beside me with an innocent look on her face, so I thought everything was okay. But then, all of a sudden, she leaps out, grabs the controller cord, and starts to run away with it. After chasing her around the house for a while, I finally caught her. After that experience, I ended up with a destroyed controller and a wrecked San Francisco Rush game pak.
Sent in by Jeff Right before I beat the last level on Goldeneye 007 my dog jumped on the bed and froze my game.
Sent in by Sttark I was playing The Legend of Zelda, a Link to the Past with my friend. We had just got to the Last boss when his dog (Bowser) knocked the Super NES of the stand before we had saved.
Sent in by Jenn Forgey Once I was away from my Super NES for a week and I came home and went into my room to the play a game when I found my cat going #1 on my favorite game, Finale Fantasy 3.
Sent in by Bob Streko I was sitting at home and my dog chewed up 2 of my games, the controller wire, and then my controller port for that controller couldn't be used anymore.

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