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Sent in by Mike Skaggs I had been led to believe by my sister that I would get a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. I began to jump with joy, and immediately headed out with my Super NES and games to sell to Gameco so I could raise enough money to buy some games. After everything was sold, I had at least $74 bucks. I bought "Mario Kart 64", and hid it when I got home. Finally, when Christmas came, I opened my biggest present. My heart sank. My parents knew how much I loved old games, and they had bought me an old Coleco-Vision with Pitfall. I cried, but I lied to my parents, saying that they were tears of joy. After a couple of days, I went back to Gameco. There was no Gameco there! They had gone out of business and a "Shoe Carnival" was moving in. I threw the Mario Kart cart on the ground and stomped on it until in broke into two pieces. Now, I was stuck with no Super NES, a Coleco-Vision, and a broken Mario Kart 64 cartridge. I went home and didn't leave my room until school started again.
Sent in by CrackedKnuckle It was my 9th Birthday party, in 1993. I had about 10 friends over, and a few relatives. I had the party in my Rec Room, which was new at the time. In that Rec Room I had my NES and Super NES. My "friends" were playing with them, without my permission. The first thing that happened had to deal with my Sim City game for Super Nintendo I just got (I was a TOTAL Sim City freak then, and still am today). One of the guys loaded up my best city, totally wrecked it, and saved over the good city!!! All I had left was a pile of rubble where my grand city once stood. My dad told him to rebuild it, but he just said, "I don't know how to play this game", dropped the controller, and left. On that same day, at the same party, a couple of guys got mad at each other for whatever reason, and started throwing my controllers at each other, AND using them as clubs. A couple of them busted open and quit working (but were fixed later). After the controllers were of no use because they were busted, and everyone joined in the fight, either causing it or trying to stop it, all heck broke loose. It was a full blown fist fight. I wisely decided to wade through the fight and take what was left of my Nintendo's upstairs, were they would be safe. At the end of the fight, which only lasted a few minutes, decorations were ripped down, controllers were destroyed, people were ticked off, the party ended, and all of the guests were kicked out of the house. Luckily, nobody was seriously hurt, and I never had another birthday party in my house again. The guys that were at the party are no longer my friends, except for a couple that were helping to stop the fight.
Sent in by Sam Dionne It all started innocently enough with me wanting to get Super Mario Bros. 3 for my birthday. Unfortunately, I was victim to my Grandmother's good 'advice' syndrome, which forces her to convince my parents into buying me practical things instead of the cool games that consumed the first 10 years of my life. Anyway, we had a NES at our house and needed Super Mario Bros. 3. But, when I unwrapped the shiny paper which covered the box, I wasn't destined to see Mario (complete with raccoon ears) leaping with courage into the air, but the dull plastic cover of a paint set. What were they thinking? Paint? Why would I want paint? I almost cried (I was only 6, or 7). After my party was over, I sat down in a corner alone feeling sorry for myself. I probably would have cried if I had known that my parents would later buy 'The Little Mermaid' for me.

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