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Break or almost break a game, controller, or system.

Sent in by Brian My friend came over to my house one day to play 64. After awhile we started getting bored so we began using the Game Shark to create our own characters in Goldeneye. We got bored and after awhile I said "Hey look my Super Nintendo games fit in the 64 when you use the Game Shark" (I know, we brought it on ourselves, right) So we put in Super Mario Kart (not Mario Kart 64) and turn on the system. A blank screen came up, what we figured would happen. So we put Goldeneye back in the Game Shark. The light on the Game Shark would not come on. After 10 minutes we realized that the light on the system itself was not coming on. Great. We had fried the system AND the Game Shark. We then decided to play Super Nintendo. We put in Super Mario Kart and guess what? We had fried that too. So a year later I have a new system and Game Shark. I buy Perfect Dark and after beating it I put it in my Game Shark and get that 'wont work with this version' message. I click on the Zelda master codes. Perfect Dark boots up and promptly crashes frying my Game Shark and system. WARNING!!! Don't try to play Super NES games on the N64 using the Game Shark!!!!!!!!
Sent in by Mike Waters This happened in the summer of 1996 (when I was 18). I have been diagnosed with autism, so among other things, I have a slight anger problem, which is a problem when I've also been a video game player for about 18 years. That summer, however, my Fighter's History Super NES game helped teach me a lesson in controlling my anger. One of my good friends was over and he was watching me play Fighter's History on Hardest difficulty. I was at Karnov playing as Ryoko, but I lost. In a fit of rage, I swung my Super NES controller down and clobbered my Fighter's History cart. I'm not terribly big and buffed, but at the time I was in the neighborhood of about 6 feet in height and weighed about 175 lbs (35 less than now), so you can imagine what a near full force swing could do to a cart. It made a very long crack along the back of the cart and the top too evidently, since the little plastic deals on top that fit through the small holes at the top of the cart fell into it. My friend, who witnessed all of this, helped me get the plastic pieces out of the cart so it wouldn't rattle and also my controller, which had either the L or R button mashed in. The controller quit working properly about 2 years ago, but since then I haven't used my present controller for anything other than gaming. I still, however have my same cracked Fighter's History cart with scotch tape over the holes where the plastic tabs used to be so no dust will get in. The tabs I have in a box along with some other valuables to remind me of the whole thing.
Sent in by Nathan Kremitzki On November 1998, I got The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Special Gold Limited Edition Cartridge. Since I had not opened it, I instantly stored it safely into my closet just in case it might be worth something someday. That night, I bought another copy of Zelda that wasn't the limited edition so that I could play the game. After I bought it, I left to go over to a friend's house to spend the night and play Zelda. When I got home, the worst thing had happened. My little three year old brother had gotten into my closet, grabbed my gold cartridge Zelda game, ripped the box to shreds and threw the game into the toilet. When I realized that happened, it took my parents a lot to hold me back from mutilating my brother for destroying my Zelda game.
Sent in by Persian523 I was upstairs playing Pokemon Pinball when it happened. I was trying to get my Goldeen to evolve, and I lost my ball. I was so mad that I bashed my forehead against the screen. I looked up and there was a big black mark on the screen. The good news is that my mom got me a new Game Boy Color later that day. I learned my lesson that day, never bash your head on your Game Boy.
Sent in by Brian I just got a brand new Nintendo 64. I got The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with it. I played it all night, because I was hooked on the game. It was 2:30 in the morning and I was still playing the game, I had just made it to the part where Link becomes a adult (which took me a while) and decided I should get some sleep. So I turned off my Nintendo 64 and went to bed. I was asleep until 12:00, when I woke up I saw my Nintendo 64 on the floor upside-down with Zelda still in it. I lifted the Nintendo 64 and saw my cartridge smashed in two pieces! I nearly fainted! Then, I saw my little sister next to the system with the controller in her hand. Then she said "Nintendo go BOOM!", I was about to go insane! I went and told my dad what happened and he said it was my fault that I left my door open for my sister to get in my room. I never did get to play as Link as a adult.
Sent in by Mike Hunter I waited 3 years for Zelda 64 to come out. It came out a month before my birthday. That was all I wanted. My parents went to 5 game stores across town. They found a copy at Kay-Bee toys. It was the second to the last on left! I played it for hours. On the second day of owning it, I spilled my pop all over it and the game was ruined!
Sent in by John I was playing my 64 and had the game Doom in and I got to the level and my sister walked in and stepped on the 64 when I had the Game Shark in and broke both the game and the Game Shark I called the Nintendo repair center and they said that it was going to take $200.00 to fix both of them because I had the Game Shark in it. They said that violates the warranty and then hung up!
Sent in by Timmy The worst Nintendo experience I had ever had was when a friend invited me over to his house. I noticed that he still had the original Nintendo in what looked like perfect condition. I asked him if he would sell it to me only to find out that it didn't work. I asked why and he opened up the little slot on the front of the NES. His little brother had crammed the slot full of varied deli meats (i.e. ham, turkey, spam, bologna, and even salami). I then realized that he was borrowing one of my NES games and immediately asked if I could see it only to find out that the little brother had done the following things: 1. Put the game in the tub and washed it with soap and water. 2. Put the game back in the Nintendo (already filled with the meat). 3. Wondered why the game didn't work. 4. Used the players to tear the chip from the plastic without opening the game up 5. and finally, tied a string to it and went around the house bashing anything and everything with it.
Sent in by One time when I was playing Super Mario World. I had just entered Bowser's castle when my nose just started bleeding for no reason. It messed up the controller and I had to buy a new one!
Sent in by Brian Shoeman I had been playing Dragon Warrior for three months in an attempt to beat the game. Finally I was at the highest level, maxed out on herbs and ready to face the Dragonlord. The battle was going good and the Dragonlord was almost defeated when my little sister walked into the room demanding a turn on the Nintendo "One second," I foolishly said. She kicked the Nintendo across the room and I watched in horror as the system shattered against the wall and that was the last time I was able to play Dragon Warrior.
Sent in by Joe When I was drinking a full glass of pop while playing my N64, my dog comes along and knocks over my glass and the pop spills all over the system and controller (while still on). When I take it in to the shop, they say they have to clean it or we can clean it with special cleaner stuff and my Dad the Mr. Fixit, says we can handle it and decides to try to fix it but in the end we took it back and they fixed it.
Sent in by Jedi I had just gotten to baby Bowser's castle on Yoshi's Island and had just gotten through the door that lead to baby Bowser when I got nervous and started chewing on the controller cord! Then after about five minutes I felt a shock in my mouth and I couldn't move Yoshi, I died and finally noticed what happened to the controller! After that it never worked again.
Sent in by Clark I sat down to enjoy some sweet N64 action one day, to find my 64 was gone!!! I asked my sister were it was, and she said she had lent it to a friend. I was angry because it was my N64, so I had her call her friend to get it back. She gets a hold of her friend, then shortly after hangs up. She says that because she had told her friend she could keep it for a week, the friend lent it to her brother and his friend for their sleepover, in the mountains!!! A week later, when I finally get my N64 back, it's toast because when these two kids were in the mountains at a cabin, one of them stepped onto my Nintendo 64 in the dark on his way to the bathroom!!! The good part is, their parents made them by me a new Nintendo 64, plus they had to buy me a game. Now I own Wetrix, and I'm pretty addicted to it.
Sent in by T.L. I was on vacation to my grandparents house, and was Goldeneye against my second cousin (all the kids are second cousins). One wanted to play, but we were in the middle of a game, so we told him no. Suddenly, in a rage, he goes to the chair my N64 was on and purposely pushed it off! I heard a cracking sound, plus it landed upside-down, and I nearly died and killed the kid at the same time. His dad walked in to the room, and yelled at me for yelling at his kid. Obviously, I was pretty mad, so I told him what happened and he yelled at me again. My Nintendo 64 didn't work for a few hours for some reason, but it works fine today (and my mom wonders why the cousin nearest my age and I always lock the door to the room now.)
Sent in by Mike This was when my brother's friend's nephews came over. They wanted to play my Nintendo. I said no but they ran down my stairs to it. There was a game in it an they wanted to play Mega Man 3. So they started trying to pull the other game out by grabbing the flap that goes over the game when it was in. Before I could reach my hand down to stop them, I heard *SNAP*. I looked down and they had broken the flap off. They just looked at me and then booked it up my stairs, out the door, and all the way their grandma's house.
Sent in by JonathanD I haven't played with my NES in 2 years. It was stored away on my shelf. I went to go get it, because I was eager to play it. I found it on my shelf! I went to go grab it, but I bumped it and it fell off! It cracked my fish tank and cracked into a million pieces!!! I started cursing and yelling at myself! I had over 30 games for that NES!! But luckily, I bought a new one that works better.
Sent in by John Shaw One day i was watching TV and I sat down on the floor to here a SNAP! It was warm. heat from a Nintendo. I lifted my self up to see my Goldeneye game completely snapped off from the Game Shark. Goldeneye never worked again.
Sent in by Gamer I was playing Track Meet on Game Boy and was racing against Irwin B. Cheetin. I lost one of the races against him and I got so mad that I started to bang the Game Boy against my head so hard that I broke the screen.
Sent in by Longbow In Zelda 2, I think I was in the Grand Palace, and I was just about to face Shadow Link for the first time. I was just about to beat him after about a half an hour, and I accidentally kicked the reset button!! I didn't even save after I beat the sixth Palace!! I broke the controller in half! This put restrictions on my Nintendo playing in my parents view, and I could only play with written permission for about a year!
Sent in by Joe When I went to my cousins house, with my N64, they wanted to borrow it for a while so I let them take care of it for a week. When I went there the next weekend, It was gone!!!! I asked them where it was and it happened out that they left it on, while paused, and went to eat dinner because they got real far in the game, then they forgot it was on because they turned off the TV and then they watched the TV in their living room and then it overheated and it stopped working and I had to take it to the repair shop and now it blanks on and off every once in a great while but it works good now and I will not let them borrow MY N64 again. Life Lesson: Never let a 5 year old and a 7 year old borrow a Nintendo 64!
Sent in by Zig My NES broke, so a while after that I bought a used one to replace it and that didn't work. Took that one back and got another one and that didn't work, either! So, is it actually possible to buy an NES that still works?
Sent in by Steve When the old NES was the big thing, our family bought a used NES. We got it home, hooked it up, and played. We got to the end of level three on TMNT 2 the arcade game when it froze. Then the NES quit working entirely. We went out and bought a bunch of cables so we could run it through our VCR. It worked fine for a few years when it quit again. The whole system had to be replaced. We saw the new smaller deluxe NES systems and bought one. Once home we hooked it up, and went to put in our Game Genie. It took us four hours to cram it into the slot and now that it's in, the game cartridge on top of it wabbles messing up the game with the smallest vibrations. Now we know to buy nothing used. Especially without comparing prices. The used NES deck was $40 without any games, controllers, or cords. The store bought ones at the time were $39.99 with a game, two controllers, and all the cords. Now we bought an Nintendo 64 for Christmas and noticed it didn't come with an rf-switch, it comes with AV cables complicating matters worse. But now everything works fine for the moment.
Sent in by Ricky I was playing Donkey Kong Country 3 and I entered the code for the music test. Along comes my brother and he says, "I want to play!" So he plugs in my $20.00 controller. Zap! The screen goes black. When we reset, we find out that he killed my controller!
Sent in by Dolph T. I'm playing Turok 2, and I have the Rumble Pak in the controller and my Memory Pak next to me. My baby cousin (only 1 and 9 months) comes over and immediately puts the Memory Pak in her mouth. After a brief tug-o-war, I discovered that my Pak had been ruined by drool! And I was in the Mantid hive at the time.
Sent in by Scott Clay When the Nintendo 64 first came out, I went out and bought one. I had it for about a day and I really liked it. I put the system on a shelf about 2 and a half feet off of the ground. One day I went to pull the controller out and the whole system feel. I thought it would be okay, so I turned it on. Just my luck it didn't work. I tired taking it back to the store that day, but the man wouldn't take. I was really mad and didn't know what to do. Luckily my dad knew someone at the store. So the next day my dad took it back and I got a new one. At the time I bought it it was $249 dollars. That was all my money and I was only 14. That's a lot of money for me. Thanks to my dad and his friend every thing work out okay.
Sent in by A.J. Price My original NES system broke. I thought that I would die, I was left without one of my best friends in the world [keep in mind that I was like 8 when it broke]. I eventually got another NES, but it wasn't the same... I never got to beat the original Super Mario Bros. Now, looking back on it, it would defiantly be the WORST Nintendo moment for me. Not having seen the ending to the game that made Nintendo what it is today.
Sent in by Jeremy I was going to roller blade, I stepped on my controller. The my new game was erased in Super Mario World. The good news is the game didn't erase it's whole self, it erased about 5 levels.
Sent in by Jonathan I was 6 years old and I had just gotten a NES. I was playing with it on my bed and my baby sister came up on my bed and hit the NES down. Luckily my daddy made it better.
Sent in by Levi Spaulding On December 26, 1989, the day after I got my NES, my sister put pennies in it and shorted out the deck because she thought it was like an arcade and you had to put in money.
Sent in by Alexis The Nintendo 64 controller for the adapter got caught in the folding bed, and when my brother didn't see, he folded up the bed, and brought the N64 with it. It comes crashing down, and the adapter is yanked out. Problem was the other end of the adapter was jammed in the side of the table, so the metal end of it got ripped off. I had to pay $32 for a new one.
Sent in by Russell James Morrison Jr. I was playing a really hard game. And the character did not do what I wanted it to do. So I got terrible upset and smacked the controller off my chair and stomped my foot on the "floor." Then realized it was not the floor, but infact my NES. It broke into a thousand peices. So I had to go out and get another one.
Sent in by Rob Fumega I was disconnecting my Super NES and I dropped my TV on it and Secret of Mana. luckily they both still work good as new, but now Secret of Mana has no back to it. Try that with a CD!
Sent in by Frank While I was fighting a ROCKET in Pokemon, I used my IVysaur while he had a Diglett. The Diglett did Dig and I did cut then the Diglett hit me and I died. I used all my other Pokemon but they died too. I got so mad that I threw the controller down, (I was playing Super Game Boy) and kicked the system. It froze and I didn't save it. I had to start all over at the beginning.
Sent in by Barbara Gooding Years ago when my son was young he got a NES for Christmas. His brother was playing a game and got really mad because he came so close to winning a game when his other brother came in and disrupted him and made him lose concentration. Needless to say, war broke out, controllers were flying and the end result was a lost game and a broken NES. The NES was replaced, but neither of the boys were allowed to play with it for a while.
Sent in by Doug The first time I was about to beat bubble ghost for Game Boy, my Game Boy fell apart! It probably doesn't help that I didn't put it back together very well after taking it apart, but it was a devastating experience and I threw the Game Boy up against the wall.
Sent in by Iyan Laylor One time I was playing the hardest game known to man, Final Fantasy, the first one on the NES, I was fighting the master and only had a few more times to hit him and the game just turned off on me. I was so mad that I broke the game in two pieces. Then a week later my friend wanted to buy the game for $50.
Sent in by Mike Gaspirc I just finished getting every cheat for WWF Warzone, when the window popped up that said my controller pak was damaged. I lossed all my hard work and effort. It was the worst day of my life. I called Nintendo of America and they said there was nothing I could do about it since it was a third party unlicensed product. I know it was foolish to purchase unlicensed products. But during that call, I found out that even unofficial Nintendo controller paks eventually wore out. I wish that game companies would put a notice on there products that they inevitably ware out. Before that I just assumed that they would have the life span of a video game. Which can be a long time....I still have my games for Atari 2600 and they still work fine, not that its hooked up or any thing, but once in a while I do play them and they work fine.
Sent in by Danny Tsang My worst experience was when I dropped my N64 out of my backpack while bringing it back from my friends house. It landed on the my concrete driveway and made an incredible dent in the plastic, but thanks to Nintendo's amazing design it didn't break (good thing it wasn't CD based) and it still works today. So I guess you can say that this was a bad experience but with a good ending.
Sent in by Michael Cowart I had gotten Super Metroid the week before, and couldn't stop playing it. It was storming real bad outside, but I couldn't bring myself to turn off the Nintendo. When I finally beat the Mother Brain, the power snaps off. When it finally came back on, my Super NES didn't work! I ended up having to buy a new power pack, and the power surge had erased all my save games!
Sent in by Jay Dryburgh I was very far in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. I set my Game Boy on the bed, thinking it would be safe. I came back later, looking for it. My 2 year old sister had thrown the game outside into the rain! Luckily the game worked, but I lost my file.
Sent in by Raymond Almeda My N64 broke when I was in the Phillipine Islands. I accidentally put the N64 in a higher port of electricity! However, I bought a new one back to the U.S. a week later.
Sent in by Scott I was playing Street Fighter 2 with my cousin, and he kept on winning, so, I shoved him off the couch. He fell of, but he held onto the joystick, and the wire got ripped out. Oh yeah, it was my joystick.
Sent in by Greg I had to get my N64 repaired one week after it was purchased.
Sent in by Scott Bly I was about five years old and my Grandma came over with what she thought was Duck Tales the movie. I took it downstairs and shoved it in the VCR. Strangely, it didn't fit. The VCR was totally busted after that but then since I already had the game my parents bought me a NES!
Sent in by Gou When I was playing Metroid, I had like 20 hits left, and I killed the end boss, but it killed me at the same time!!! I was so mad, I threw the game across the room, and it busted open!!! I tried to fix it but....
Sent in by Kevin Lyons Twenty columns from my Game Boy's screen burned out, AND my Pokemon save file with 103 Pokemon was erased at the same time.
Sent in by Dennis Roberts I was playing Ghosts and Goblins all night and I had almost it beat and suddenly the power cord cut out and the game was toast.
Sent in by Bobby Zheng I bought my Game Genie and my Mega Man X codes kept refusing to work so I kept trying and after about an hour I got really mad and I just threw my Game Genie on the ground really hard.

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