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"Friends" rip you off.

Sent in by Weapon_X Once I let my "friend" borrow all my Game Boy games because I beat them all. One week later I came to his house to get them back and he said "I already gave them back" and closed the door in my face! So I knock on the door again and he opened it and tried to close it again fast. I put my arm in the door to keep him from closing it slammed it into him. (He was behind the door) I went into his room and guess what was on his bed? All MY GAME BOY GAMES!! I grabed them went back to him and showed him MY Game Boy games. He said "oh I thought I gave them back" than I said "you thought wrong". I than punched him in the face then went back home and played the games I got back.
Sent in by Cameron Fowler It was my birthday on January 27th, 2000. My mom didn't like a lot of kids over my house so I had four to sleep over. I had gotten a N64 the summer before that so I decided to stock up on a lot of N64 games for my birthday. I had gotten Donkey Kong 64, two controllers to make four Mario Kart, Smash Bros, and Goldeneye. Three of my friends all came together. As soon as they walked in my house, I told them I had gotten some new N64 games and I had four controllers so they act all buddy buddy with me and then I tell them to go in my room, I come in after I call my other friend and what do I see? Them going through my N64 games, and I had just organized them see, the little bustards don't have their own N64's so they like to come over my house a lot, now I know why...well my other friend comes over a few minutes later and see's me on my bed watching my friends play the N64. He comes over and ask them, "why don't they hang out with me?" Now you see he is my best friend and he doesn't come over just to play N64, he hangs out with me a lot, so they say they will be a few minutes and they are almost done, well about 15 minutes later they are still playing and me and my other friend goes downstairs to work out. We come back up and they are still playing. I said 'stop playing the N64', now I had making them mad so they say, "there is nothing else to do" I said "yah there is", and they say, "fine then I'll call my mom and she'll pick us up". Now I was mad!!!! Me and my friend then go down stairs and pack their stuff up, we go up in my room and throw the bags down and I say, "it's my birthday and you are supposed to hang out with me, not come over and play my N64. "We make them call my their moms and we make them wait outside for their moms to come. They leave and I feel really bad, all I have is one friend over and we can't do anything, so my mom tells me I can call my other friends. I didn't invite them because they were all busy. But I called and they were home. They came over and didn't even play my N64. My mom drove us to Spicy's Skatepark and we had a lot better time. Later that night I wanted to play the N64 so me and my friends play it and I had figured out something, my other friends unlocked a lot of codes in Smash Bros. so me and my other friends played all night, those other friends of mine don't have a lot of friends any more because people in my school know that they came over just to play the N64.
Sent in by Evolution I lent my "friend" my brand spanking new copy of Zelda Ocarina of time after about a month when I was finished with it and had beaten the game. Around two months passed and my game hadn't shown up yet so I went to my friends house and asked him about it. I had one of the gold collectors carts too so I was kind of peeved that he said " oh I lent it to a friend." Now being the kindhearted, forgiving, nice person that I am I said that he had to have it back to me by the next week. He said yes and I left. A week past and I went to his house and knocked on the door. he answered it and invited me in. He led me to his Rec Room and I sat down I said "wheres my game???" and he said umm that is the thing my friend kind of lost it. "WHAT??????" I was outraged and he just said "my friend is really dumb but hey what cha' gonna do?" I was so peeved after my friend went out of his wreck room to get a snack. Quickly I rifled around in his drawers of his entertainment system. Can you guess what I found in the bottom drawer under a pile of paper. My game!!!!! the little beep had been lying the whole time just to steal my game. Was extremely mad and at this point I couldn't take anymore. So then my friend comes in with a plate of some kind of cookies and I just look at him. He says " Hey Dude, what is wrong???" I hold the cart up to his face and he just says "oh I guess I didn't lend it to him after all, sorry." This isn't good enough for me so I ask him Why did you want to steal this and he says "Ya know because its a cool game and I couldn't buy it anywhere." I explain to him quietly that its not right to steal other peoples things so I just finally get so mad at him that I jam the cart into his face nearly breaking his nose. He gets really mad at me and tries to hit me back but I kicked him in the chest and knocked him to the ground. He was stunned and woozy so I just calmly walked over to his games and helped my self to a couple leaving Zelda. I think about 12 Nintendo 64 games is a good trade for a game that I've already beat and can easily buy for thirty bucks. Don't you?
Sent in by Pat I was playing Final Fantasy 3 for such a long time, and I got every character with 9999hp, and 999m, and I got at least 99 of all 252 items (thanks to the bug), and have every spell with each person that can have it. Now my friend wants to start a new game, and borrow it. At that time it was hard to find because of the popularity, plus I had the early version (rare). I let him borrow it, and 1 year or so later, he denies he ever borrowed it, what's worse, his dad worked at Funcoland. I go to Funcoland and buy the game to start over. I buy one of the 11 copies there. I turn it on, and what do you know! It's my old copy of Final Fantasy 3. I now get a phone call from Funcoland and they say I never payed for it. They say i have to give it back. What do i do? I switch the stickers of the games and VOILA! I've got my game back.
Sent in by Daniel Wisniewski My friend asked me if he could borrow (key word) one of my games, Mario Paint and my mouse in exchange to borrow one of his games TMNT Tournament Fighters. I thought "Okay, I guess it wouldn't hurt..." WRONG!!! I called his Phone # and learned he had moved! To this day, I still don't know where he is.
Sent in by Gamer I borrowed Mega Man 4 to a "friend" in exchange for that running mat-thingy and a game for it. I had waited a long time to borrow it, since my "friend" had borrowed it to some of his friends. I tried out the mat thing, it didn't work correctly so that instead of running in place where you're supposed to, I had to use some other places in it to make it work. Eventually, it refused to work completely so I decided to return it. But my "friend" got mad at me for breaking it, although it didn't work right in the first place. I doubt he even tried it out after getting it back from his friend, that probably broke it in the first place. He didn't want to give me back Mega Man 4. Actually, it was not my game in the first place, I had borrowed it from a friend. I got back home, and my parents tried to call my "friend"'s parents. His parents didn't care about it a bit. So, because of this, we had to buy a new game to the guy whose that Mega Man 4 was. Shortly after this, he decided that he didn't want it anymore and gave it back to me. The guy whose that Mega Man 4 originally was, didn't want it back either. Since I didn't own a NES, I had only borrowed it, I was stuck with a game that I had no use for. We tried selling it, but because it didn't have manual nor a casing, nobody wanted to buy it. We ended up giving the game to my cousin. And I haven't been a friend of that "friend" since.
Sent in by Jason C I used to live in a city, but then my mom got a job at hydro and I had to leave all my friends. Before we moved I had spent some time with this one guy who was a year older then me and he had lots of Nintendo stuff, well anyway when we moved to my new house I had bought some more Nintendo stuff and after a few months the doorbell rang and that kid, who I spent time with, was at the door! He wanted to play some video games and of course I said yes I showed him some Game Boy games and he really liked this one shoot em up game and it was one of my favorite games and he said that he had a Game Boy too and I said that we could trade games for a day and he said OK and that he would come back later that day. Later on I had a baseball game and I had to leave the house to play. When I got back my mom told me that that guy come over and asked if he could pick something up from my room that he had left behind when we was over and my mom let him in. I ran to my room and I found all my Game Boy games were on my bed and I looked around for that one game that he really liked and it was gone!! I asked my mom how much longer he was staying (my mom knew his mom) and she said that they left when I was at my baseball game!
Sent in by Marco Levesque I leant a "friend" Kirby's Dreamland for the Game Boy in exchange for Pitfall and some kinda RPG Dungeons & Dragons game for the NES. Later when I wanted my Kirby game back, I heard that he had moved !!! I never heard or saw from him again and I never got my game back. On top of it the games he gave me where dumb.
Sent in by Jedi One time I traded systems my "friend". Yeah, systems not games, Sega and Super NES. On the day before he was going to give my Super NES back he said that he sold/traded almost all of my games and one of the cords on the system was broken! Fortunately he fixed the cord and replaced my games and gave me some others. When we were setting back up in my basement I was ready to kill him. The good thing is that I lost his 6-pak game cartridge.
Sent in by Joe My brother lent my NES games Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Super Mario/Duck Hunt, The Legend of Zelda 1, and 2, and some other ones I cant remember and his friend wouldn't give them back and then he moved away with about $120.00 dollars of NES games. This was back in 1993.
Sent in by Nacho Man (John Cook) I let my friend's friend borrow Diddy Kong Racing, Crusin USA, and Mario Kart 64 in exchange for BomberMan 64. THE COCKAROACH GIVES ME A BROKEN COPY! I GOT MAD! I told his friend, then he said "Oh, well he moved away!" I just about knocked his lights out.

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