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Play for a long time and get a bad game ending.

Sent in by GoOmba A few years ago I had to sell a bunch of my NES games because they were just plain dumb. I was able to trade a few for this one game, Dino-Riki. I love dinosaurs, so I thought this would be cool. Well, don't EVER judge a game by its cover. This game had horrible music, sound effects, storyline, and controller configuration. So I just ditch the game. A few months later, a downpour hits in my area and I got so bored I decided to play it. I died like a million times because it is hard to control Riki, but one day... I was at... THE FINAL BOSS! I couldn't believe it! I actually made it to the final boss! So I am shooting fireballs at it and it is taking forever... and... he dies! Wowie! I was so happy! The coolness of it all. So I stare at the screen, and you know what? The game just goes to the beginning screen! It doesn't even say "congratulations"! No ending! IT WAS WORST THAN 1948 (is that the name of the game, I can't remember). I got so mad that I just finally took the game outside for a nice hammer-beating. I had never bought a game without reading a review of it since then.
Sent in by KIller Kobra25 I had spent weeks, if not months, trying to beat Donkey Kong Land for Game Boy (Mostly because of my little sister erasing my game). When I finally beat King K. Rool, the great ending I had been waiting for came. It was awesome! It was spectacular!! IT WAS... a "CONGRATULATIONS" screen!?! after all this hard work and effort, I got a "CONGRATULATIONS" screen!?! This was the worst ending that, to this day, I have ever seen!!!! I spent $26.99 for an ending that doesn't even deserve the name "ending"!!! It deserves the name "TOTAL RIP-OFF"!!
Sent in by Charizard When I was Playing Zelda 2, I was in the great palace, and it took me 4 months to finally finish this game. When I finished, I expected to see an ending that would have it showing all of the enemies, bosses, Death Mountain exploding/coming down, and fireworks shooting from the seas and coasts and rivers and lakes and oceans of Hyrule And seeing Link and Zelda marry or something like that. And what kind of ending did Charizard (My nickname) receive upon finishing Zelda 2???????? NOTHING!!! All it was was that Link goes back to North Castle and wakes Zelda up. The game didn't even show Link and Zelda kissing and the credits came and then it said "THANKS A MILLION, PUSH START TO REPLAY." I was also highly displeased that there wasn't even a second quest. But on that same night, I was trying to finish 1942 and I did. I was not happy at all and highly displeased because the ending was (you guessed it) a black screen with 1 word. 1 word!!!!! Can you believe it was a black screen with the word CONGRATULATIONS?????? I wasted "VALUABLE TIME" (8 MONTHS to finish both games) I could have been trying to finish Pokemon and I'll just bet I'll earn a bad ending to that too.
Sent in by Ceaf Lewis In Final Fantasy Legend for Game Boy, I got up to the last boss (Creator). Then, I kept trying to kill him. I spent SIX MONTHS trying to kill him, restarting the game several times. Then, all the ending was was that the characters find another door and then they don't go through it; they go back to each level and stand next to the bosses. Then, the characters get back to the first level of the game and the guy says, "See you again!" It was the biggest waste of my time, even including the time I spent watching that last "Seinfeld."
Sent in by Paul Floco After 2 hours of non-stop of playing 1942, all the ending was was "Congratulations" It made me so mad that I beat the game in the front door of my house with a baseball bat.
Sent in by Eric I spent almost the entire day playing Gradius for NES. I used a Game Genie but it still took me forever to get to the end. I finally did reach the last level and then beat the game. Well, after all the cool effects I was used to, and the fact that I had finally finished the game, I expected a some big elaborate ending to the game. NOTHING! The enemy base didn't even explode cool, it just sort of crumbled apart and the credits came. "That was it?!?" I said to myself. After hours of showing the game who's boss, all I got was this dinky explosion.
Sent in by Charles DuMarr I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning trying to beat 1942 for NES. I beat all 30-something levels and was disappointed to find that the game ending was a black screen with the word "Congratulations".

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