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Sent in by Domy Cool This was when I first got the N64, the Christmas of '96. We were moving to Albany, NY form Trenton, NJ, and when we get to our newly bought house, the first thing we do is set up the games so we can play while our parents unpack. Well after we set up all of our TVs and older systems, we decide to set up the new N64, which we had only had open for a couple of days. Then we find out that the movers thought that the hook-up cables for the N64 were too small to go in the box with the game (Mario) and the system, so they put it in our 'extra' box, which we kept at our Grandparents house 3Omega hours away! And of course we couldn't drive 7 hours for that box, so we had to wait with a useless system for a month before we went down to visit. To this day I always pack my games myself when I bring them somewhere.

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