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Renting a game

Sent in by Gary Duncan In 1996, I rented Mario Kart 64. My ex-babysitter, Jason, liked it. When it was time to take it back to the video store,we couldn't find the case! When we FINALLY found it we took it back to the store. Uh oh. Late charge trouble. I saw the bill. Heres a better description. Game: Mario Kart 64 Port: Nintendo 64 Days kept: 26 Charge: $106.35. (!!!!!!!) $106 DOLLARS?!? My step dad cursed the guy away. Since then, we've never rented there.
Sent in by Herbie Barron Once I hitch-hiked for 10 hours to play WWF Warzone for Nintendo 64 and when I got there the game was rented.
Sent in by Heath When I was little I had rented a game and the game was not functioning right so I tried everything. I was hitting it and then I got some paper towels and rags and got them wet. I then washed the Nintendo out till it was soaking and dripping with water. I thought it worked, but my mom came in yelling "Oh no!" That was when I lost my Nintendo.
Sent in by Iamdabomb One time, I had rented Earthbound for Super NES, but it had to go back to Blockbuster that night. I go upstairs, and my mom takes the game back to the store. The next morning, the game is still there! I play for a little while until my mom comes down. "Hey, Mom!" I say. "Didn't you bring the game back last night?" "Yes, I did!" she replied. After showing her that the game was still here, I hear two of the most dreaded words in the world..."Uh-oh..." I look a little closer, at my N64 to be exact, and my Goldeneye game was missing!!!! AAAUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!! She took back the wrong game! I had gotten all but 2 of the cheats including all guns and infinite ammo, not to mention 007 mode! We went back to Blockbuster to get the game, and luckily, they didn't give us any trouble so we got it back.
Sent in by Allison Hoff When I was six years old (around 1991), Yoshi's Cookie had just came out for the NES, and it was one of the last few games before Nintendo completely stopped making games for NES. Anyway... I had it rented, and then I went home happy. A few minutes later, I paused the game and ran upstairs to ask my mom if it was really all ours, and she said yes (Duh... Open mouth, insert foot), and I was glad. You may/may not guess what happened next! It is funny to me now. Well, anyway, I took out a permanent marker and wrote "HOFF" (My last name) on the back of the cartridge (we do that for each of our game cartridges), and when I showed my mom, she just about hit the ceiling. She didn't scream at me, but it was obvious that she was disappointed in me, so I ran downstairs to this one bedroom we had down there, and I hid in it, and I didn't come out for a looong time. The next day, the game had to go back, and ohhhhh boy was Tim (the guy---manager) ever mad!!! He didn't show it though, but I could see by the expressions on his face. He tried to rub the "HOFF" off with a special rubbing alcohol, but it was there Permanently. So, he had to sell it to us, and to this day we still have Yoshi's Cookie with a now faded "HOFF" on the back.
Sent in by Josh Sewell I rented 7-up for the NES. When we got home it wouldn't work. We had to return it and wait a couple of days for another copy to get in. Then when we got it the game was TERRIBLE.
Sent in by One day my mom and I dropped the game Star Wars: Rogue Sqadron off at Blockbuster. When we got home, I ran into the family room to watch TV and my brother and dad were playing Star Wars! It turned out that my mom had returned Yoshis Story! My mom went back, returned Star Wars and got back Yoshis Story.
Sent in by Sean Taylor I went to rent a Nintendo 64 game, Wave Race 64, but the case was switched with Hexen for the N64. I hate Hexen, and I was stuck with it for 2 days for 5 bucks (it was new at the time). But that's not all of it, my mom took it back to the wrong place, and we didn't find out about it until a week later. We were charged $35 in late fees and had to get it back to them ourselves.
Sent in by Michael Patterson I had just rented the newest and hottest games on the market to try them out before I bought them. I got home and started to play them but when i turned on the Nintendo 64 something was wrong with it. I tried for about three hours to get it working. I finally had to go to sleep. Then the next evening before I was getting ready to take them back without having to pay for late fees, I checked the Nintendo 64 and the chords in the back of it were halfway plugged in. I put them all the way in and it worked.
Sent in by David Fiedler I rented games from two games from different video stores (one from each place) and when they had to go back, one of the games went to the wrong video store and one of my games was put in the case by accident and went to the other video store.
Sent in by We had just got an Nintendo 64 and rented a game so we took it home and it had one of those cases that the video store people could take off. we had to drive all the way back and get it off.
Sent in by Matt I had rented the game Super Mario RPG and I had rented it for a week. After the week went by, I was still playing the game and I was no where near the end of it!!! So I rented it for another week. After the week was over, I was still not done the game, so I rented it for another week. It continued like that for two and a half months of playing it, not finishing it, renting it again and again. Two months and a half!!!!! After all that I finally beated the game and when I returned it from the place I was renting it from, their was a person that was waiting for me at the counter because he wanted to rent it. The guy at the store must a have told him I was coming to return it. The person that was waiting for me who wanted to rent the game had actually came here five times, and each time was a different week. He was so mad at me it wasn't even funny.

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