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Keep returning games.

Sent in by Vesna Tro I asked my mother to get me a game for N64 called Goldeneye 007. She got it and I started to play it and I found it very very boring and when I played it against my little sister it was so easy to win that I begged my mother to exchange it for any other game. She did and to do this she had to speak to the store manager and argue about it a lot until she finally could exchange it. Then she swapped it for Banjo-Kazooie which I already had so yet again she went to the shop and exchanged it. The shop owner was angry at her for doing it again but he let her change the game one more time. She got Snow Boarding kids. When I played it, it was slowish but fun because it was challenging because my sister was good at it and often beat me. I am so sorry to have caused all the inconvenience for my mother.

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