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Nintendo Power Magazines get destroyed

Sent in by Andrew My dad and me were going on a camping trip. Fairly routine for summer. A day before we left, I was admiring my completed collection of Nintendo Power...yup, issue 1 through 100 and ever since then. I was preparing for the camping trip, packing my Game Boy, ect, ect. I left the first five issues on my coffee table in my room, mainly to show them off. I wake up, packed and ready to go, early in the morning, and find my first 5 issues missing off my table. first, I realize my sister probably took them and hid them as a joke (that ingreat), not unusual. so I leave, and everything goes great. We go to the best campsite I've been in in a long time. So, its pitch black outside, cant really see a hand in front of your face without a flashlight. I just had a satisfying steak dinner, and I go down to the river to brush my teeth, whale my dad starts a fire. After brushing, I return to camp to find a nice, warm fire. I asked my dad how he got it this big . He pulls out my 2nd edition of Nintendo Power and says "I found these on your coffee table, they looked old, so I thought you didn't need them." I showen the flashlight to the fire just into me to see my first edition Nintendo Power cover (those of you who remember, a claymation Mario...I way of telling now) turned into ash and soot. There not exactly worth anything, just a lot of sentimental value, after all, they did help me beat my first Nintendo game (Mario 1 for NES). Needles to say I was steamed, and made my retreat to the river with some extra desert from dinner. The rest of the trip was in stony silence. Latter that month (I had almost completely ignored my father up until that day), I found a package for me! It was the gold vs. of The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time! I don't think I had ever been so happy in my life, since I had defeated every Zelda game except for this one. Ever since then, my dad and I are avid campers.

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