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The game or system doesn't work.

Sent in by Michael Whiteside I bought the PulsePak for Game Boy Pocket and it didn't work. I brought it back, didn't work. Brought it back, didn't work. Got my money back, went somewhere else...didnt work. After 7 times, 3 different stores, and agonizing customer service attendants...I finally got one that worked. But the next day it didn't work either! I gave up on it. Don't buy PulsePaks!
Sent in by Rob Hein It was June, 1990. I had just bought Mega Man for the NES for $30. I put in the cart with glee, and punched the power button. Nothing. I turned it off, and tried again. Still Nothing. I cleaned it with my kit, let it dry overnight, and tried the next day. You guessed it, nothing. I went back to Toys 'R' Us to return it, and they wouldn't take it back! So I ended up getting a replacement. I went home again, and this one didn't work either! I ended up replacing it 4 times, and it still didn't work! So, the 5th time, I didn't open it. Instead, I drove 20 minutes to the nearest Video Game Exchange, and got $15 for it. So I was minus $15, minus a game to play over the summer, too.
Sent in by David Murphy I once had a system that was brand new. Then when I got home, the system didn't work. I took it back and got a new one. Then the new one didn't work. So than I decided to go to a different store.

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