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Lose at the end of the game.

Sent in by Mitchell Carlson I was playing Super Mario Kart playing the Special cup on 150cc trying to get the very last cup by myself (it's easier this way). I was using Koopa Troopa because he was the only person I could use that would show any progressiveness in the game. The hardest person to beat up was Princess. Well anyway I got all the way to Rainbow Road with 30 points. but so did the Princess. I was passing the very last corner where the 4 lightning thwomps were in 1st place when Yoshi tosses up an egg, I hit it and then ran into thwomp and fell over the edge. I ended up getting in 8th place and got the silver cup instead. I cried in my room for one whole hour (well I was only 7). Later that night however I beat the Special Cup.

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