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Nintendo sends you to the hospital.

Sent in by Lieutenant Wario A few months after I read a bio about the little guy from Excitebike, I rode my bike somewhere, trying to become better at biking than the Excitebike guy. I rode around the entire track four times. I would have done so five times, but by the fifth time, I was just about to get around the last corner, but I took a really sharp turn and hit a patch of dirt and, guess what? I fell of my bike! My dad drove me to the hospital and I found out that my arm was broken. The only genre of Nintendo games I was able to play for another month was RPGs!
Sent in by Gamelord When I was about 4 or 5 (in about 1989), I watched my dad play the original Legend of Zelda on the NES. Well after awhile, I was tired of just watching and started to play myself. You may wonder how a 5 year old can play Zelda and win, but its possible if you've watched someone play it from beginning to end a few times. 3 weeks or so later I get to Ganon finally. Another week later, I finally beat Ganon. Yay! I was jumping for joy, literally. I just had to tell my dad what I did. So I got up, ran out of the living room and was making the turn for the hall way at full speed, when I run smack dab right into my dad. Unfortunately at the time, he was carrying a plate with a steak knife on it, with the blade sticking just over the edge of the plate. And worse, he was carrying it at my eye level. Well needless to say, I got a huge gash over my left eye. So, we went to the hospital and I got about 10 stitches. And ever since then, my parents always carried their eating utensils above my head level. Still got the scar as a matter of fact.
Sent in by Steve I was addicted to Mario Party and i was really angry that I couldn't beat the thing where you had to spin the joystick 50 times in 10 seconds. I had done it 49 times and the stupid fly guy said "cmon, cant you do that any better?" I exploded and i went nuts on the controller, using my whole hand to spin the thing. It said I had done it 59 times and I had won a mini-game. When I tried to move my hand off the controller, I noticed that the controller was stuck to my hand. I peeled the controller off and I soon realized that I was peeling the skin off my hand as well. I screamed in agony as pain shot through my hand and blood dripped all over the controller. I had to go get stitches to close my hand up at the hospital and I told them that I had been hit with a rake because I knew that my parents would have taken away Mario Party from me. I was still really mad about the game ripping off my skin. Editors note: Get the official Nintendo glove before you play this game, or you might not have any hand left after playing the game!!!!! The glove was made just for this game!!!!
Sent in by Ryder-Smith Family It all started at my grandmother's house.. I had just rented the game Sim City 2000 for Super Nintendo and I played it for about 6 hours. I went to sleep (Note: The rain effects in that game will come into play) all right, the next day we went to Iowa with the whole family.. now I fell asleep in the car, the next thing I knew I was in a ambulance I thought it was a nightmare, and i attempted to kick and punch the paramedics, but I went back to sleep eventually, and I ended up in a operating room. It turned out I had suffered a seizure, but since it wasn't serious they released me about 7 hours later... now in the car we had McDonalds, but the sad part was I couldn't hold it in and I basically exploded (a.k.a. vomited, barfed, spewed) in the car. But wait, it isn't over, that night I had another seizure. This time it turned out to be a little worse then the first one. I had to have a spinal tap (in other words, it means that you cant stand up straight for a long time) but the hospital food there was good, and I got released the next afternoon. But it doesn't end there... 1 1/2 years later I had a Virtual Boy and I played it and ignored the automatic pause because I was doing well. It turned out that that was a bad decision because as soon as I fell asleep on the couch (it was summer) I suddenly sat up and my bottom lip was moving out of control. My mom then sold the Virtual Boy.
Sent in by Peach I went over to a friend's house and played Banjo-Kazooie for about four hours straight. The next day, I had a lump on my right hand: a bunch of nerves had backfired and clumped together! The clump was surgically removed about a month later, but I do believe it's coming back.
Sent in by Froggy I was in the woods up to my grandmother's cabin with my cousin Rob. We decided to sleep out in the tent in the screen porch. we dragged the TV and 64 in the porch and put them right in the opening of the tent... we played Duke Nukem and Ken Griffy's for a few hours and went to sleep around 1:30 am. I woke during the night around 4 am and REALLY had to take a dump! Since we were outside in the porch and there was no lights on it was really dark, so dark that I forgot the TV and Nintendo 64 were in the tent door and I couldn't see them. BONK! When I stood up and got out of the tent I hit the TV with my hip and it tipped over! We had it on a stool so all 30lbs of it fell 2 feet onto (guess what?) Robs ankle! He yelled and woke up and started cursing his head off! I asked him if he was OK and when he pulled the TV off his foot and hauled up the sheets, his ankle was all twisted like a pretzel! Me, Rob, and my grandma had to drive an hour to the hospital so we could all find out what we already knew, Robs ankle and leg were broke in 3 different places! It took him the rest of the summer and half of the school year to fully recover! Needless to say as soon as he got the cast off he layed the beatings on me!

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