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Can't even get passed the first level.

Sent in by Zack One time I found out that Nintendo had put out the game Mission Impossible. I waited for weeks and weeks and then when I went to my local video store there it was! I put it into the slot of my Nintendo 64 and looked at the intro - thought the graphics were great! Then - I couldn't get past the first level! I played until 5:00 in the morning every night of the weekend and I still could not get past it - I was so freakin mad!
Sent in by William Wilson When I got my NES, Super Mario Bros. came with it and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't even get past the first level. I stayed up until 5:00 a.m. trying to do it, with no success.
Sent in by Jimmy Buckley I was once defeated in the first level of Super Mario World in front of my friend. It was so embarrassing.

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