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Bad Dreams.

Sent in by loco I had just gotten Star Fox 64 and was hooked. I played 6 hours a day. Two weeks later I finally got to the boss, Andross (the robot) but then it was time for bed. The next day at school my friends told me about something called psychic dream. They said it was when you have a dream and it comes true later. Well when I was at home I had to go to the mall and when I got back I had to go to bed. I had a dream that I killed Andross but then he became a brain and eyes. Then the brain ate me but I blasted him and he blew up. (Now for the weirdest part). In my dream (it didn't show his face) I heard foxes father. Then I flew right beside him and almost saw his face but then. POOF! I woke up. One month later all of it came true.
Sent in by Sapphire_Tango The video game store close to my place was closing down so me and my brother decided to buy games. My brother ended up getting Mega Man X for the Super Nintendo. My brother rapped the game and got total loss of interest in it and I started to play. Now I'm addicted to the game! But one night, my brother had to sleep in my room due to company and I fell asleep before him. I had a dream where X, Zero and I were on a mission to beat Sigmas. Then it started getting all wovy dovy and then, X started kissing me! EEEEEEEK! Then Zero started! EEEEEK! Then I woke up and my brother said I was saying "Oh X I love you" and "Oh your such a cutie Zero!" Then he told the guests at my house. I nearly died of embarrassment!
Sent in by Olaf Me and my two older brothers had just finished a LONG day of playing, "The lost Vikings", and we were a little hungry, so we made a big batch of macaroni and cheese. Then I went to bed. My dream was, me and my brothers were the lost vikings themselves! But everything was topsy Eric (my oldest bro.) had an umbrella hat instead of a helmet, Balrog (2nd oldest) had a plunger for a sword and shot toilet brushes instead of arrows, and Olaf (me) had a gigantic hubcap for a shield. The crazy thing was, we had to save a giant bowl of MACARONI! After we saved it, and ate it, i woke up...I never looked at the vikings or macaroni the same ever again. (I had the leftover macaroni for lunch, while playing the Lost Vikings the next day).
Sent in by Strider I remember the time I had a bad dream about Pokemon Yellow. Earlier that day, I was playing my game for hours, and I LOST to Team Rocket. By then it was bedtime, so I decided maybe a good sleep would rid me of my disappointment of being worse than TR. No such luck. I dreamed that I was James of Team Rocket and that Jessie was trying to beat my best friend in a battle, and was winning. I was supposed to go steal Pokemon while she fought, so I ran around the yard of a house looking for some. I found socks and jack-o-lanterns with Pikachu on them but no real Pokemon. Jessie said I was worthless and couldn't beat my real-life best friend. Then I lost to Jessie (which makes me even weaker). Then I woke up. I had the dream right before I woke, so I remembered almost all of it. I decided I would train my Pokemon until I DID beat TR, so I wouldn't have to have any more dreams about turning into James.
Sent in by Baby Yoshi Once, I was playing Super Mario 64, and I got to the last Bowser. It was 1:30 A.M and I was the only one awake. I eventually fell asleep while the game was still on. (I had been playing since 9:53 P.M) I had a really, REALLY SCARY dream. (to me) Instead of Mario, I was YOSHI (weird, huh). I was eating Bowser, when suddenly Bowser just popped out of Yoshi's mouth, and popped off the screen and ate me! When I was going down the esophagus, I got RRRREEEEEAAAAALLLLLYYYYY scared and I accidentally wet myself. When I woke up getting the urge to barf, I fell off the bed and ran as fast as I could to the bathroom, halfway there, I barfed out my dinner and accidentally did diarrhea! What a mess I was!!!! How disgusting! I was barfing and doing it the whole day.I felt sick the whole day on Christmas Eve; all because of Bowser!!!!!! (I was 8 at the time.)
Sent in by Pokemon Master Luigi In 1999 I would play "Earthworm Jim" with ALL my free time. Then about a month after I eased up on the game, I had a weird dream where I was on this strange boat dresses in very little clothing. I noticed there were other people dressed just like me. Then this guy tells me I'm on a slave boat! Who's running it? Earthworm Jim!! It was torture in the dream! I was stuck rowing a boat and doing all that other slave stuff. Coarse, in the end of the dream, Garfield (my favorite comic strip character) and Luigi (my favorite Nintendo character) knocked him off the boat and into the sea. Jim's suit short-circits and explodes. He's gone and Garfield and Luigi release all the slaves. I wake up. Took me over 6 months to get over that!
Sent in by Mark When I was playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I sold the skull mask, I had 90 rupees, I bought 2 40 rupee item upgrades from business scrubs I didn't know I had 10 rupees (I didn't look at the prices) went back to the mask shop and the guy got very mad because I was 10 rupees short. The way he looked scared me big time so I ran to the place with jars and paid him back. That night I dreamed I was Link and I didn't have enough money. Then the door flew open then I was taken somewhere and they gave me the death sentence then I woke up. I never did that again.
Sent in by Yutz When I was 10 years old, my favorite game was Mega Man X. I rented it 5 times before I finally bought it. I guess playing it so much wasn't a good Idea, because one night I had a dream where Sigma was taking over the world. He did it by sucking out the brains of people and using them himself. So the Launch Octopuss got a hold of me and sucked out my brains. As they were sucked out, I saw a picture of the inside of Sigma's long head filling up with "brains". That's when I woke up. And to add insult to injury I had the exact same dream a week later.
Sent in by Mike Powell After playing Goldeneye until about 4 AM, I had a dream about the game. I was running around shooting hundreds of people without even thinking about it. Suddenly, I realized that I had killed all these people. I freaked out and thought I would be spending life in prison. When I awoke, I decided I wouldn't play the game ever again (or for about a day or so anyway).
Sent in by Krono Whenever I play a ridiculously simple game that I just can't seem to beat or I run out of time (I'm 14 so I shouldn't deserve a bedtime...), I have dreams about them that night. For example, I was hooked on Super Mario 64, and I was stuck on finding a star in the Wet-Dry World, and decided to have some fun outside the castle by jumping on the trees, and drowning myself in the water. I then dreamed that night that there was a secret passage to find the star, AND to get Luigi, AND find a secret Bowser. I accessed it, and then the next morning as I rolled out of bed onto the floor (probably a 2 foot drop) I was happy that I had finally beaten Super Mario 64, and then realized that it was all a dream.
Sent in by Allison Hoff This happened when Zelda 64 first came out. I had the golden cart, and it was like December '98, and I had just gotten to the Forest Temple. However, when I left the Temple of Time as adult Link, I had a pretty good scare, it was after I entered the burnt down market and saw those monsters you call "ReDeads", they really scared me at that time (not now, though :)). Just my luck, it was night time, and then it was time for me to take my bath and go to bed. Well, later that night, I had a bad dream that ReDeads were attacking me, and I woke up sweating and panting from that horrible dream, but I didn't bolt and sit up like people in movies do, I just laid right there, trying to go back to sleep. After that dream, I wasn't as scared of the ReDeads as when I was back then.
Sent in by Dan The Pan When I was about eight, I worked really hard to get the red ring in Zelda (or maybe it was the blue one). I finally got enough rupies to get the thing. I had a dream that night about playing the game and losing the ring because I didn't hit the reset button. I woke up the next day and it turns out I hadn't pushed the reset button!
Sent in by Austin Jones I was having my best bud Bryan over to Sleep and as usual we played Nintendo a lot until like ten and my mom told me to go to bed. Well being the responsible kid I am (not!) I went to bed. Bryan on the other hand had a lot of soda and that makes him hyper. We went to bed and soon I went to sleep. Now Bryan stayed awake and layed there. Now when I play Nintendo 64 till night I sometimes dream I still am and I hold my dream controller in my hands and push the imaginary buttons. He saw me and heard my conversation with Mario on how Luigi should be in more games. Well I didn't know it but the next day in school I was the laughing stock of the school. I asked around and found that Bryan told everyone in the Sixth Grade! Now I being a small, little, tiny pip-squeak I was no match with Giant Master Bryan! He didn't hurt me after I punched him a few times and we made peace. I will never play Nintendo after 9:00 any more.
Sent in by Kinko When I was about 8, we got Bubble Bobble for NES. I played it for about 2 weeks, and then one night I had a dream that somehow, you could plug 4 controllers into my NES (I didn't know at the time that you could get an accessory for that). Me, my sister, and two of my friends were playing Bubble Bobble. After awhile, the Baron Von Blubba guy came out and we're trying to escape him. Then he actually comes out of the TV and eats my friend Nicole! I yelled and screamed at him, and told him to give her back, but he just ate me too! So I'm in Baron Von Blubba, right? It looks like the inside of the whale in Chapter 4 of Star Tropics! I eventually find her, the lighter, and the raft, and we got sneezed out of Baron Von Blubba, and back into my living room. And then I woke up... I couldn't play Bubble Bobble again until I was 10, because every time Baron Von Blubba came on the screen, I'd just about wet myself.
Sent in by Tommy Jamraz I had a dream that I got the game Zelda 64 and I was playing it so long that the game overheated and it melted. Then I woke up and played Zelda 64 and after 10 minutes I shut it off because I didn't want it to overheat.

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