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Lose a bet.

Sent in by Todd Vorisek In 007 multiplayer I bet someone $25 I could beat them. In the end he had one life and I had one life. I trapped him and he had no ammo I slowly waked towards him when I stepped on my own mine. BOOM -$25
Sent in by Timmy Brown There was one time where I made a bet with a friend on Blitz for the Nintendo 64 that I could beat him with over 100 points. We got down to the last quarter and we were tied at 89. There was like 1:07 left and I got a touchdown, but he did too, right before the end of the quarter. So we were at 96-96. We went into Overtime which is were I always do the best. We kept intercepting and getting turnovers until that Overtime was over, so we went into Overtime again (it only goes to 3 Overtimes, then it calls an auto draw). He got a touchdown and a field goal so he got 103. There was like just under a minute left and I could get a touchdown and a two-point conversion (because I'm good at them) to win by 1. Well, he did an on-side kick (not a real choice it's a secret, right after you score, hold Up, Turbo, Pass, and Jump and they'll do an on-side kick) and I wasn't expecting it so he got it back with only like 40 some seconds left. I intercepted on his first pass and started running but only got a few yards (you need 30 for 1st down). It got down to 4th down with like 20 seconds. I was at 4th and goal with only like 7 yards left for a touchdown. He intercepted it and got really far down the field and got tackled. Then he got a 40 some yard field goal with 8 seconds left. I got the ball on the kick off but it was no use, he beat me 106-96 in the 2nd Overtime. So, I had do something really humiliating. I had to dress up like a girl scout and go to doors and ask if they wanted cookies.

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