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Sent in by Patrick Schulze I was playing Super Mario when I had fart. BAD. I'm sitting there and my brothers are watching me, and they gossip like there's no tomorrow. So I'm thinking they won't smell it (I'm 6 at the time) so I let it go. Not only was it loud but I took a poop in my pants! I ran so fast that I almost broke my toe on the chair leg!
Sent in by Steve In about 1994, I was playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 with a girl, two years older than me. So I was having a great time, until about half-way through the first level. I had to fart (or so I thought) so I thought "She wont even hear it," so I tried to fart, but ended up taking a dump in my pants. I ran out of the room so fast I almost tripped over the controller cord.
Sent in by Fart Cheeks! OK! So I made a bet to my friends that I could make it to the safe point with the monkey in Turok 2! Someone died and I became the monkey, and right as I did my friend lade a huge one! This fart reaked! Ohhh grose! I died and as a punishment my friend ate more Pizza and farted in my face!! Stinky!

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