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The game erases it's self.

Sent in by Mike I was playing Breath of Fire for the Super Nintendo one day and I was in the first level in the castle of Camlon. In one day, I got the Hero to Level 33 and about 350 hit points (which took a long time). Since I was to lazy to save it, i left the game on for about a month playing it about 16 hours a day! I was fighting Sara in the second to last level, with every one up to Level 99, and all spells and everything, all without saving. Sure enough, that day there was a terrible storm, and yep, the power went out. I stared at the screen for about 5 minutes as I saw nothing but darkness. Then I started throwing stuff everywhere and I put a hole in the wall, and almost broke my hand! I did it over again, and I saved, but I didn't play the game after that for about 3 years. I learned my lesson now, and save the game.
Sent in by Tom Carrigan I managed after three months to have the time to sit down and get to the end of Banjo-Kazooie. This seems like a long time but when you consider I manage only about 1-2 hours a week on the system it isn't so bad. Well to make a long story short I came home from a business trip to find that my 5 year old had erased the game I was playing. What really makes it worse is he did it so he could "get all the Jiggys himself". I then took 8 hours to sit with him and get it back to the same point as he wanted to save Banjo's sister. Imagine my surprise when I informed him that we were going to save the sister that night. He looked at me with the sweetest smile and those huge blue eyes and said, "not today daddy, I restarted the game today so I could get the Jiggy's. I have yet to crush the cartridge under my car tire but it may well be my only option. Wish they had a better way of saving and protecting Banjo-Kazooie.
Sent in by Ashley I was about 6 and we just bought Super Mario 2 for NES. We (me and my mom) played the game for days and since there was no Game Genie we never turned the system off. When we were on the last level, just about to complete the game, you had to defeat another bird creature that spits out eggs. Well, we did and my dad came in (who knows nothing about the games) and he wanted to pick up the rainbow egg and go threw the hawks mouth. So, he picked up the egg and went to the mouth and said " What happens if you turn around " so he tried to turn Mario around Mario got stuck in the mouth and we had to turn the game off and start over again.
Sent in by Chris Pinson I was playing Final Fantasy 3 and I beat like a whole fourth of the game in one day. Exhausted, I flipped off the power switch when I remembered that I HADN'T SAVED MY GAME. NOOO! I was in rehab for a few months after that...
Sent in by Shawinin Jonasson I was playing my NES one day, and I found one of my favorite games, Zelda! And I wanted to finish it so bad! So I started It, and I couldn't save. So I had to leave my NES on over night and when I didn't play it. So, I was playing it for about 4 days, I still had to keep it on over night, witch can't be good for the system, and I came home one day to play like I was doing for 4 days, and I find that some one had turned it off. I was devastated.
Sent in by I was playing The Legend of Zelda on the NES. I was on the second quest. I had already beaten the first quest. I had 7 triforces and just about every item. I was playing the level 8 boss when I died. When the screen came up asking if I wanted to save, continue, or quit, I chose save. When I went to turn off the game, I did what the instructions said. They said to hold down the reset button and then hit the power button I did exactly that. The next day when I wanted to play the game, I turned it on. When it got to the screen where you pick your player, I didn't see my player. I didn't see any other entries either. It had erased my game after about 5 hours of playing time.
Sent in by Jerry I was playing a Final Fantasy game and I took it out of the game system and i let my friend play it and he accidentally spilled a glass of tea and it erased the whole game and I had to start from the beginning all over.
Sent in by Phillip George A month or so after I bought Zelda: Link's Awakening, my file was erased for an unknown reason. So, I started anew. Then, after beating level 1(again) I turned it off, only to return to it later and see, much to my dismay, that the file was gone again! So, I ended up having to put away Zelda for six months until the Super Game Boy came out. For some reason, my copy of Zelda worked perfectly on it!
Sent in by Keoni Kohner After having made it (finally) to the last dungeon/palace of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link (took over a year, and I was just about 10 years old at the time.) I got ready to beat the "angel of death" or whatever it was. I went in to the room and died. I came back and ALMOST beat it, but died. I had 2 lives left, so i went back in and BEAT IT!!! Then I beat the shadow (I THINK it was angel then shadow, but it was a LONG time ago) by cheating Just as the shadow got hit the last time, WE HAD A POWER OUTAGE!!!!!!! OK, so the game is kaput, but now I know how to beat the angel and the shadow, and I had saved before I went in, so this shouldn't be TOO hard, right? WRONG!!!!! I had a used copy of the game, and the battery couldn't take shocks like a power outage in the middle of a game, so the game was erased!!!!! I can't describe how devastating this was to a 10 year old kid. I finally beat the game a few weeks later, and beat it over and over again to make sure it new who was boss. It had the last laugh, however: When I dusted off my old games a few years back to do a Zelda field day before I sold my old NES stuff, I found that, thought my Zelda 1 games were all still there, my Zelda 2 games were gone again.
Sent in by Francis Rogers I worked for a VERY long time on the game OIL PANIC in Game & Watch Gallery for the Game Boy, and I opened up the Gallery Corner. The next day, I come back, and the game's all messed up and my whole accomplishment was erased.
Sent in by Kyle Vermette It happened when my The Legend of Zelda game for the NES just stopped working completely. We took it to get repaired but there was nothing that I could do. I was crushed, I was only 7 and it was my favorite game.
Sent in by Chris Whitbeck This happened a long tome ago. I was playing Final Fantasy 3 and I was at the top of Kefka's tower, near the end, and my little sister tripped over my controller cord. The whole game crashed, the screen just blanked out. I resetted the Super NES only to find all my games erased! I had to play the whole game over again.
Sent in by I was playing Final Fantasy 3 and I was going to go into Kefka lair or whatever and then my little brother wanted to play but all of the blocks were used up so I told him to erase a file BUT NOT MINE....but he did anyway. Even though it may seem pretty minor to some people it was pretty big for me. (Also I did finish the game.)
Sent in by Ryan Bloodworth I spent so much time playing Final Fantasy 3 that the timer had stopped keeping track. I was constantly leveling up my guys. I had just gotten them to level 99, and I was heading towards Kefka, the main bad guy, when my mom started yelling at me. I was about 3 hits away from winning when she pulled out the plug. It doesn't sound so bad, all I would have to do is restart from the last save point. But when she pulled the plug, it erased my game!!!
Sent in by Gordon West I was at the end of Final Fantasy for the NES. I was just about to beat it when my sister tripped over the cord and knocked the machine off the table and my game got erased.
Sent in by Ben Gallant I won a copy of Donkey Kong Country 2 for the Super NES from V and A Top 10, and after four months of continuous play, I managed to make it to K Rool. Next thing I know my brother lends the game to a little kid across the street in exchange for Donkey Kong Country 1. His mother kept warning us how if they got it back and their file was erased we'd be in "big trouble for being so naughty". So I get Donkey Kong Country 2 back and guess what, MY FILE'S ERASED!
Sent in by Tony Borne I had just gotten Star Wars and was beating it but when I reached the end of the Death Star my brother leaned on the ac adapter which I was using to play. Of course my game was erased.
Sent in by Mark Genro Final Fantasy 3, THIS IS IT! I'm ready for Kefka!!! I thought. ALL of my characters had all magic spells from ALL espers!!!! I got nearly ALL of the secret items!!! But plans were canceled when i was called for bed! So I go to bed, go to school, come home, do my homework! Now I"M READY! I yelled! I ran to play my favorite game when i saw my brother playing... NOOOOOOOO! Then my brother said the worst words I'd ever heard. "Sorry, I had to erase your file, anyway, you weren't very far anyway! I needed to start a new file!" The world in front of me shattered! I had to start from scratch! (although it didn't take as long!)
Sent in by Brian Gleason I was about to beat Banjo-Kazooie and I had to go to camp. When I got back I found my game erased! I had spent almost 48 hours on it!
Sent in by Phillip Spinks I got to the very last level on Donkey Kong for Game Boy and quit. The next day, it was erased and I had to start all over!
Sent in by Krazy, Krazy Sean I got Dragon Warrior for the NES (after selling it years ago) and playing it for 7 hours gaining levels only to have it all DELETED when I pressed POWER too many times trying to get it to work.
Sent in by Alex Goforth I was playing The Legend of Zelda for NES and the screen froze, and when I turned on the power, all my names where erased. Some of the names had every weapon and/or all triforce pieces or on Zelda part 2 with hard to get weapons and underworlds where passed.
Sent in by Charlie Morrow I had gotten every secret level in Super Mario World, beaten the Star Road and Special Star Road. One day I turned the game on and every thing had been erased! This also happened to me on Super Mario All-Stars and Super Metroid!
Sent in by Greg Sieglinger I was playing the original Final Fantasy, got the 4 orbs and was headed back in time, I died there and shut off the machine Then I turned it back on latter and my game was lost.
Sent in by Mitcjell Dorcas I had about 90 hours on Final Fantasy 3, everyone had everything. I had all the best stuff, Level 99, all the spells. Then all of a sudden when I went to go beat it the game froze. When I reseted it all the files were erased.

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