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The computer cheats.

Sent in by Ben Cohen I was playing Banjo-Kazooie. I was up in the air, with one honeycomb piece left, ready to beak bomb Gruntilda for the fourth time, when all of a sudden, the CPU took control (Really!) and steered Kazooie so that she hit Gruntilda, but not with the beak bomb. This is even more frustrating than falling off the edge in Mario 64 when I'm trying to get the 120th star.
Sent in by John Kwack I was playing Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside. I was playing on the All Star difficulty and I was against the Miami Heat. I was the Phoenix Suns. I was losing by a few points and at the last quarter I started to pull ahead. BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN the computer started to get better and better and I started to lose. Badly. They started to make these cheap shots and made my passes miss and they started to steal everything. It made me so mad I didn't play it again for nearly a month.

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