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Riped off

Sent in by Neil One day I was looking for some extra money. I was getting tired of a turbo controller that fit in the Sega Genesis, a Super NES, and a Super NES Game Genie. I went to a local video game store to sell everything. The Game Genie I bought from them for $79.00 Canadian and that turbo controller thing was worth $35.00. I was really young, 8,9 years old. I was just happy to get money. I sold the Game Genie for $3.00 and the controller for $2.00. When I became older, I realized how dumb what I did was. I never sold any games to them again.
Sent in by Geraun Vanterpool I bought Zelda 64 from a guy on a street corner. He said he got the games from Toys R Us and I was desperate to get Zelda 64 so I bought it. But when I got home and opened the box, there was no game! What's worse, when I went back to the corner he wasn't there!

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