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I can hold it. I can hold it. OOPS! No I cant!!!

Sent in by Aladdin Buttweisner One time, when I was about 10 years old, I was playing Ken Griffey Junior Presents Major League Baseball for the Super Nintendo at my best friend's house. Because all of the players' names are made-up in that game, we decided to rename the players on the New York Yankees. One player's name was Bambino. We got half way through renaming him and decided to stop when his name was Lafbino for some strange reason. Then we made up a dumb quote so that whenever Lafbino swung the bat we'd both yell "I'm Lafbino! 'Laf' at me?! NO!!!!!" and we'd get home runs almost every time. This being explained, this is where the story starts. My friend could not be trusted. Every time in the years we'd been friends, he'd mess up the game if I left to go to the bathroom. So, one day I decided to hold it in. I thought I was REAL smart; but then Lafbino got up for my team. I screamed "I'M LAFBINO! 'LAF' at me....."Then at that very moment, my friend yelled "YEAH!" I hit the home run, but I laughed so hard that I farted and podied all over his couch. Then, when he went upstairs for a drink, I flipped over the couch cushions and didn't tell him about it until 3 years passed.
Sent in by Scott Toney Once when I was at my friends house, I had to dump myself BAD!!! We were playing at Perfect Dark and I didn't want to leave the multiplyar and die so I set up a laptop gun next to me and left to drop anchor. When I returned my friend had killed me and the gun and the worst part was there was podie on my pant leg. My friend almost died laughing and when his mom came down to investigate she saw my yellow leg.
Sent in by Andrew Harris One day in January of 1995 I was playing Super NES. My friend had just bought Mortal Kombat. I was beating him easily at the game and he was angry. I told him I had to go to the bathroom, and as I was getting up he ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Of course this leaves me with no where to go, because there is only one bathroom in the house. I being angry at what he did, decided to take Mortal Kombat out of the machine, and casually urinate all over his Super Nintendo, I left the house and walked the two miles to home. The friend forgave me only after his parents bought him a new Super Nintendo. (I was supposed to pay for one, but I told my friends parents it was an accident. They believed me.)
Sent in by The only thing I can first tell you is that I am a Canadian 15/Female and like strategy games, especially Koei. For the guys, yes, I am natural blonde, blue eyed babe. If I told you more, my face would be redder then it is, and that is impossible. I didn't want to submit this as it only happened 25 days ago (July 1 2000). One day while playing truth and dare with my boyfriend he dared me to leave him alone because he was playing his strategy games, I dared him to a few games and whooped him each time, so he dared me to something I regret agreeing to. He dared me to pass 3 games, and said that I couldn't leave the room until I had done it (no, the ending will surprise you, trust me) the 3 games were L'Emperur, a NES game, Romance of the Three Kingdoms III and Nobunagas Ambition, Super NES games, all by Koei. I began to play, on the NES first, I beat the game on the easiest level, and told my boyfriend the ending. He told me I had two to go. At this point I had been four hours away from a toilet, but I was doing good. I then took up Nobunagas Ambition, and played as Oda, but kept loosing, eventually I beat the game though, but it has a total of 19 hours now... I began to feel a urge to podie. I then took up Romance of the Three Kingdoms III, my boyfriend told me that he knew the music and tole me that I HAD to start of level 1, so I did (hey, I love him). I picked Dong Zhou and began to play, with each ruler I defeated, I had a thought Han Fu-I am thirsty Yuan Shu-I am full of water Yuan Shao-man, I gotta go Cao Cao-its been 3 hours on this game alone Liu Yan-SPEED IS OF THE ESSENCE Liu Baio-still 2 more!! Tao Quan's sucessor-I GOTTA GO Now it can city by city (I had attacked previously, so if there are holes, this is because I had the city already) #36-I GOTTA GO SO BAD #31-this reminds me of the time I held it in so I could see how long I could have held it if I ever had to #32-not any more, I HAD GONE BY NOW #46-the tears are literally streaming down my face #37-1 more city to go!!! #29-changsha-capital of Sun Ce {Sun Jain's son} domain, 3 generals in the city, Sun himself, Zhou Yu, and a civil officer, but I was running out of troops! I made it in to the city, and at this point I could feel the podie forcing its way out, I tried harder, but it was like a slow leak. I was almost out of troops! I realized that it may take 1 hour to kill him, so I took drastic measures. I challenged the injured Zhou Yu to a duel, and barley beat him, now it was Dong Zhou 2,387 VS Sun Ce 3,721 and he had more training, I has out of money but he had lots, and I knew I had to win the battle! (talk about stress) used a confuse command, and... IT WORKED (finally, some luck) but by now the podie had soaken through my pants, and I could see it, it was coming out ever so slowly. I attacked with fire and got him, then I began to try to kill his troops. it came down to a single moment, I had 25 men to his 16, it was the last attack, if I couldn't do it, the turn and my dry carpet would be over. It was at this point I heard loud banging, but though nothing of it. I attacked him, and closed my eyes... ... ... ... silence ... ... then the sound came on IT WAS THE VICTORY MUSIC!!! what a relief! I finished the game and realized I had been in there fore 24 hours, 48 minutes, and 12 seconds. and I had drank 3 liters of water! (3/4 of a gallon for you Americans). I called my boyfriend and told him I had done it, it was then he realized that I might have to go podie (the quarter size stain of podie that was leaking out may have had something to do with it) I was so happy that now I could finally podie, so I ran downstairs to the bathroom, only to see... a plumber!!! I couldn't even go podie!!! Wait, it gets worse so I ran across the street and down the block {I think it was 100m in less than 10s} to the nearby mall where there was a major event, as I ran through the crowd I realized that I knew these people, my classmates (yep you guessed it) this is when I got startled and... needless to say I decided that day that it was a good idea to be an exchange student to Japan next year!
Sent in by Ryan When I was 8 years old (1995), I was in Chuckie Cheeses. I was playing Super Mario Bros for NES on an arcade machine. You got 10 tickets for every level you beat. I was really far. Suddenly, I had to podie BAD. I was in Level 8-3, almost won, (you get an extra 100 tickets if you beat Koopa). My friend noticed and layed a big fart. It reeked...BAD, and it was so loud it got every ones attention. I started laughing so hard I podied my pants. My jeans were soaked to my knees. I ran to the bathroom to wash, when I got back all 290 of my tickets were stolen. I had to go home. My friend never let me forget!!!
Sent in by Mike When I was 5 I played a game called Shadowgate for the NES. Scared the beep out of me! Anyway, one day I was playing Legend of Zelda, and my brother left me alone, in the dark (he was 15 though, had better things to do than watch his 5 year old brother beat the beap out of him at beating games). Now, normally, this wouldn't be so bad (I was pretty rational about sitting alone back then), but suddenly, i had to go podie SERIOUSLY BADLY!! I was so afraid of getting up for fear a hellhound would materialize (remember i was afraid of Shadowgate) and rip me to shreds, so I sat there until finally I had to go SO BAD I COULD BURST!! (I actually can't hold it in that long without causing a need for surgery anymore!) Then, suddenly I stood up, and fell back onto the couch, and started bursting out laughing. I felt real warm all of a sudden. My brother comes in, laughing, and turns on the light and half-way asks "whats so funny...... Holy beep, Mike! Look what you done!" I had podied all over my pants, shoes, socks, my shirt and hair, AND COUCH!!! (don't ask how, because it seems that back then, Einsteins laws of gravity did NOT apply to me!) I got grounded for a day (that is A LOT when you're five). It just goes to show you; if you podie yourself, try to just get your underwear, and not your whole body!
Sent in by Alex Me, my Cousin, and my uncle were playing Mario Party, then, all of the sudden I have to go to the bathroom. I said to myself, I can hold it. I was right......for a while. I moved around and wiggled. Then I couldn't hold it anymore, I decided to go right after a game of Crazy Cutters. Bad Idea. As we were playing, my cousin's character loses control and fly's in different directions. And my cousin goes crazy throwing the controller around. It was so hilarious that I wet myself, I jumped up running to the bathroom, luckily it was only 5 feet away. On the way I was laughing, in the bathroom I was laughing, getting out I was laughing, and still playing I was laughing. No one forgot that funny moment.
Sent in by Geoffrey When my brother was about 3 years old, he was walking around the house, namely the living room. In the living room was the TV, and hooked up and sitting there was my NES. The 2 controllers were sprawled over the floor, as I had just played and was taking a break to go get some food. Well, my brother decided he couldn't hold it any longer, and sort of took a leak. The controller still sticks today (this was in about 1993).
Sent in by Allison Hoff I was like just 5 or 6 years old and Super Mario Bros. 3 had just came out, in about 1992. Well, I was still too little to know when to go to the bathroom. Well, anyway, I was just playing Super Mario Bros. 3 aimlessly, not caring whenever I died. Well, anyway, right in the middle of the game, I went to the bathroom in my pants (actually I did number 2 in my pants, it STUNK!!!) and I was dumb enough not to know when I had to go do number 2 in my pants. Arrrrgh! Ever since, I've never wet my pants (or done number 2) ever again. Sure, I do sometimes, but now I know how to hold it in real well. And only tiny spots end up down there, no problem.
Sent in by Sam Shapiro One time when I was 7 I was playing Final Fantasy for the NES and having a blast I had to go to the bathroom but I was really far, so I decided I could wait for ten or so more minutes. Poor judgment on my part. I wet my pants and completely soaked the floor and all the clothes I had on, even my shirt because I was in a weird position. I lost Nintendo and dessert for three weeks because I was old enough to know better.
Sent in by Joshua Greene I was once in Wal Mart when I started playing Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. At the time I thought it was cool, so I stayed glued to that Game Boy and ignored everything, and I mean everything. I was playing the Pumpkin Zone when this warm liquid dripped down my legs. I had podied in my pants and there was a huge yellow puddle under me! Luckily, the sales clerk didn't notice. Even now, my brother never lets me forget this.
Sent in by Chris Berry When I was about 6, and my brother was 3, we were playing Super Mario World in our basement. Our dad was watching. I was blasting through the levels, and my brother wondered why he kept dying. Right when I got to Bowser, my brother decided he wanted to play. I pushed him over, and my dad told me to apologize. Before I could, my brother took the controller out of my hands and podied all over it. The controller was ruined, a stain was left on the carpet (as far as I know it's still there; we moved away from there in 1996), and it was three weeks until we got a new controller. My dad wrote, in BIG BLACK SHARPIE LETTERS, "CHRIS". That controller also was Scotch-Guarded.
Sent in by Jerome Dale When I was about six years old, I visited a friend's house and he introduced me to the NES. I played Super Mario Bros. for the first time and I was ecstatic. Unfortunately, though, I didn't know there was a way to pause the game. I was about halfway through Level 1 and time was running out (hey, give me a break, it was my first time) and I had to go, really badly. I wanted to go to the bathroom and get through the level at the same time. I opted for the latter. This was a grave decision, since I couldn't hold it in any longer. I was wearing black sweat pants and as I sprinted to the washroom, I started to podie my pants. The warm fluid drizzling down my legs, the pungent stench of urine in the air. I was surely embarrassed. I will now remember the importance of the "Start" button.
Sent in by Paul Barnes When I first got the NES, my first game (Beside Gyromite and Duck Hunt) was Excitebike. My friend and I played this game all night long. When my buddy jumped all the way off the top of the screen and on to the track again I lost all bladder control and snot was coming out my nose. I had to go change my pajamas.
Sent in by Ryan Broussard OK...This is the most embarrassing experience with Nintendo I have ever had, was one that I will never forget, it has also been passed around my family for years, and still is. OK, the very first time I ever played Super Mario Bros. 2, I was completely in love with the game. I would stay up nights with my sister to play it. Well...I had to go to the bathroom, and I was right in the part with FryGuy (or something like that, the big flame duder). Well, I was so obsessed with the game that...well, I went to the bathroom right where I was playing. Worse than that, we had to go to my Grandmothers house with the whole family, so it took another hour for me to get ready again. On top of that, my Dad had to tell them why we were late. Keep in mind, I was 7-8 years old. Old enough to know better. That's why its been circulated around my Family.
Sent in by Jon Hay About 3 years ago (1995), I was playing Kirby's Dreamland for Nintendo, and I really needed to go to the bathroom, but I couldn't stop playing. Needless to say, I wet my pants and the carpet, but I did manage to beat the level before I ran to the bathroom. When my mom discovered the stains on the carpet she quickly confronted me. I tried lying, but she knew I had done it. She wasn't too mad at me, but I sure was embarrassed!!

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