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Sent in by Corey Me and my friend Kyint were playing Mario Party and had it kind of loud but we were in my playroom, which is the room farthest from the bedrooms so nobody sleeping could hear it. While playing the one where you have knock other people off their rolly balls, we heard a slight "bee-oo" noise. We paused and whispered to each other "What was that?". Kyint said something like a noise in the game, probably because we hadn't heard anything since we paused. Later, while playing one of the Bowser vs. 3 others games, we heard a thump from the room beside us. We disregarded it as my dog Bandit thumping something. So we kept on playing. Later, we heard an unmistakable creak of my bedroom door opening (my room is connected to the playroom). So I picked up the knife Ky always gets when he's afraid at night or when he's alone and sneaked my way into my room, Kyint beside me. We opened the door to my room silently and saw nothing. So we went back and changed to Goldeneye, me playing one player. So, in the bunker level, I think, I activated an alarm and thought it loud so turned down the sound and heard something downstairs. Ky snatched up the knife and dashed halfway down the stairs to the kitchen, to see 2 guys running for the front door, dropping 2 garbage bags on the way. Kyint ran down, shut and locked the door, then looked in the bags to find lots of our stuff. The 2 people had been robbing us! The "bee-oo" was our not very good security system noise that it made when somebody opened the door. The thump and creak and been, obviously them going around. Luckily, the alarm on Goldeneye had scared them off! We went up the stairs to the playroom and cut on the light, just taking all this in. I looked, and saw that all my N64 games except for Goldeneye and Mario Party, and my 2 other controllers and my NES + all the games for it! We must not have seen them in the darkness and covered by the noise!
Sent in by Diane Wilkinson One day I went away for the day. I come home to see that my Chrono Trigger is missing. I asked my family about it, and they said that a boy who they didn't know came by and said that I had something of his. I asked them a description, and I finally came to the conclusion that it was a boy from up the street who had been bugging me about borrowing Chrono Trigger. I rush out the door and run for his house, but when I get there, I find a "For sale" sign on his house, and I see a moving truck about 200 feet up the road. I was one minute too late. I haven't found Chrono Trigger ever since, but I am willing to buy it again.
Sent in by Code Master On December 15 1997 it was 11:30 and I had just finished beating all of the Castlevania games and went to bed. I have a wall in my room that has my Nintendo stuff in it. I woke up got up and was going to check my E-Mail on my new computer and I looked over there and every thing was gone, all of my games and systems, the TV, and my computer. I told my dad and he called the police. We live right next to the police station and the culprit already got caught robbing another house and we got all my stuff back.
Sent in by Andreas Kanitz In about 1995, when I was 12, I was at school playing around at recess and I saw my dog wandering outside near the park (my house is about 1 minute from my school, beside the same soccer field). I was worried and ran home to find the door wide open. I ran inside (Not the smart thing to do if you're 12) and grabbed the phone, I phoned the police and then went through the house checking what had been stolen. When I was upstairs I heard a door open downstairs, I ran down and outside and was in time to see someone running away into a field. They were too far away so I just grabbed a pair of binoculars i had in my room, crawled out to the roof over the garage and tried to get a better look. After he was out of sight I checked the house and noticed that all my games were gone (no systems) and some walkmen and my wallet (nothing in there). When the police came I told him what he looked like and after a month he was caught. I never got back the games. The insurance got back what it could but 1 game i really loved wasn't sold anywhere (The Final Fantasy Legend for Game Boy) I searched everywhere (once a month for almost 2 years) but couldn't find it. By a stroke of luck Nintendo seems to have released it again at around Christmas 1998, I bought 2 copies (1 for a friend who lost his by accident).
Sent in by Sky Knyt One day, I noticed that my best games weren't there. Well, I'm known for losing stuff, so I didn't think about it... A week later, I'm REALLY dying for an Final Fantasy 3 game. Maybe some Chrono trigger... Final Fantasy 2.. anything. Where could I have put it? I searched, hoping to find it quickly. No such luck.... Months later, someone I didn't know too well came up and said that he knew where my games were. Then, he told me carefully how my best friend had been robbing me of my games, my cash, and just about anything else he could take for months. Luckily, the "friend's" dad was a cop so I got the games back, and the guy's Super NES, with all his games, and his Game Genie. I was feeling good.
Sent in by Michael Haegele On this past Christmas of '98 I was getting the long awaited game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, on Christmas morning I woke up and rushed down to open my presents to find them all gone. We were robbed, along with 3 others in our neighborhood. I was crushed! I did get Zelda though, and the robbers were found, luckily.

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