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Accidentally erased the game.

Sent in by Dan I'm a video game nut but I have a very annoying little brother. So one day I'm playing Dragon Warrior 4, which mind you I went through seven times since I was four because I forgot to press RESET!!! So I'm playing, for the first time I finally get to the legendary hero and, what happens, my little brother throws a handful of super balls at me. They all hit the walls and I felt lucky they didn't hit my system (its going on 11 years now) when the super balls bounced back, it hit the NES, nothing goes wrong, then one stray comes flying a minute later after I'm thinking good thing nothing happened, and WHAM it brushes the power button and the game blinks off then on again, and then I hear the evil music it plays when a log is lost so I chucked the controller at the system, permently denting it, I ran out of the room into the living room to find my little brother hiding. After a quick body slam and a punch to the gut I soobed over my log. A week later my older brother plays to see his log is gone, he blames it on me but i said that my log was gone, but he showed me it was his not mine that got erased. After a sigh of relief he pushes me down and erases my log for losing his... AFTER ALL THAT TOO!!
Sent in by John Warmerdam Dragon Warrior I was once my favorite game, now I hate it, after buying it twice and putting about 1,000 hours altogether in 20 different quests that were erased. The first time I played, I was a mere 6 years old, and loved the game to the point where I got migraines from staring at the T.V. screen. 15 quests were lost to our first NES, which had carried me to 10 years of age by the time when our poor NES fairly burned itself out, the lowest level of strength being level 14 with Erdrick's armor, flame sword, and silver shield. Most of these quests ended in me crying like a baby to my older brother, who had erased all three save game logs. Sadly, our NES could not be revived, and Dragon Warrior, among 30 other NES games were stolen. A year ago, we received a new NES system from a flea market, and a used Dragon Warrior from K-mart, and I couldn't have been happier, except I was rationed out my playing time. Getting back to the subject, the last quests that I've played were truly my champions, each level 28, with all the best stuff money could buy or fate for me to find, inside the Dragonlord's fortress, until my own fault of hitting the game out of the slot right as I was ready to slay the Dragonlord. I cried, prayed, begged, threatened people, after I read that all my saved games were erased in a split second, and I cried worse than when Clinton was elected. To this day, Dragon Warrior sits in a room, gathering dust, and never to be played again, as long as I do live.
Sent in by Flash Time: 300 hours. # of Pokemon: 149. Badges: 7. Cheating: NONE!!! This was when Pokemon first came out, about 3 weeks after! I didn't tell my cousins that I had Pokemon, because when I get a new Game Boy game they just have to play it, and erase my game!!! So I was playing it on my Super Game Boy. I was just about to catch the 150th Pokemon, Mewtwo. He was paralyzed, frozen, etc. 10 HP and I just sent out my pokeball and my cousins came running through the door and my oldest cousin (Who I told about Pokemon because we are great friends) tried to let me know he was here bye speaking through my male slot so I said "Yeah, Yeah, shud'dup" because I thought he was being immature, but his little brothers came screaming upstairs and zoomed past me and saw Pokemon in my Super Game Boy and ripped it out and didn't even turn the Super NES off and I yelled "NOOOOOOO" and quickly put the game back in the Super Game Boy and...... My game was not there!!!! I stood up and punched him in the gut as hard as I good and he cried and puddles of tears just came out!! I kicked him out of my room and then started to play again and this is why I now cheat in my new game!
Sent in by Sonja Campton I had just purchased Donkey Kong Country 2 and we really into it and stayed up most of the night playing it. We had gotten to about 35% done and that took almost all night to just get that far when our 3 year old came into the room as she wanted to be with mommy and daddy and she tripped over the cords as the Super NES is in our bedroom and disconnected the power and we had to start all over.
Sent in by Jose Penate I remember when I was about 10 years old, I was playing "The Legend of Zelda" and I was really excited because I had just gotten the last piece of the triforce and I was on my way to find and beat Gannon. Well, I couldn't find where Gannon was but everyday after school I came home and searched for hours. One day I woke up early to look for Gannon before school and I happened to place a bomb on Spectale rock. "BOOM" I found the hidden dungeon. I was so happy but I was going be late for school so I saved and turned off my NES. All day long all I could think about was Zelda. When I got home however I was shocked to see my little sister messing with my NES. I complained to my mom but she didn't care. I kicked my sister out of my room and put on Zelda but I was shocked to see that my game had been erased. What else does a 10 year old do... I cried. I didn't want to start again so I put Zelda away and even to this very day... I still don't know the ending of Zelda.
Sent in by General Leo Okay my brother has drove me nuts with all of my RPG's! These are in order from the first to the last. I was playing Chrono Trigger got to Lavos and had every buddy at least Level 74 with all Techs, best armor, etc.. My brother says he wants to play not knowing what my brother had instore for my next 6 RPG's. My brother actually saves over that file when I knew I could beat Lavos and get the New + Game! Next is Secret of Evermore. I had everything, even the Sting Formula, and the magic groud, and another Chocobo Egg. (Yes you can get 2). Again my brother wants to play. I looked at him immensely still trying to get to Lavos again. I gave him the controller and went away. Next thing I know he says "Sorry I went over you file." I screamed and went to see if it was true, it was. In Final Fantasy 3 I had everything, I even had General Leo at the end of the game (Thanks to the Game Genie). I get off and my brother grabs the controller starts playing. I had forgot that he had actually erased my other two games. He erased it. I had two Atma Weapons, all Espers, every one maxed out with exp. and magic (None of these I used Game Genie Codes). He deletes it yet that isn't the worst. This is the worst one. I had the best equipment for every one in Earthbound, had 4 Star Pendents which you can only get once out of 128 tries, and Sword of Kings, Bad Giai Beam, GUTSY BAT! Everyone max everything. My brother said he wanted to play, I refused, he told Mom, she took the controller out of my hand and gave it to my brother. I prayed that he wouldn't delete it. Then he comes in my room saying "I did it again.......". I screamed and punched him a couple times. Those aren't the only ones, but they are the worst. He has also erased files from Breath of Fire 2, Super Mario RPG, and Lufia 2.
Sent in by Gamebrain I was playing on my new Super NES in 1997 (the last year of the Super NES) and I had Yoshis Island. I was on the last level and I didn't beat Baby Bowser yet so I turned it off. I woke up in the middle of the night because I was hooked. I wanted to play it so I turned it on and I accidently selected erase (I didn't know what I was doing because I was very tired) it said are you sure you want to erase, and I picked yes, then when I came back to my senses I realized that I had erased the game and I have not played it ever since.
Sent in by Shire I had beaten Final Fantasy I with a perfect game. I had all the best weapons, armor, spells, and all my characters were at level 45. Then later I hit the A button to fast on "New Game", and I just died. I had about 75 hours on that game too! I haven't played it since.
Sent in by David Horowitz I was playing Banjo-Kazooie with my friend, and we were addicted. I had gotten to the boss, Gruntilda, and I wanted to play more. So my friend and I turned on the system and selected our game. However, I pressed the wrong button and deleted the game!!! I was so mad at myself. Luckily, I had read at that if this happens, simply turn off the system and then turn in back on, and you'll be okay. This worked. But for a while, this was the worst experience I'd had on the N64.
Sent in by Curtis Cooper I had just looked at the amount of time I had played Banjo-Kazooie, it was 33 hours. I had already defeated the witch, and I had one more Jiggy and I would be able to see the secret photos, and I let my neighbor play another file, and he erased my 33 hours in 2 seconds. Now I will n ever see the pictures!
Sent in by Ian One day when I was playing Banjo-Kazooie. I was playing at Rusty Bucket Bay trying to get 100 notes (I only needed a few more to go against Gruntilda. I was at 99 and the last one was some place in that level. And what a coincidence I needed one more to go against Gruntilda. I looked every where through the level. Than suddenly one of the tube enemies attacked me and I lost my last life. I shut off the game (I didn't really want to go through a level for one lousy note). My friend was over so we played Duke Nukem. After getting sick of that I went back for the note. When selecting my game I was talking to my friend and I hit the Z button (Erases File). I didn't notice it but then it said are you sure and I hit A thinking to select that file. And I erased it!!!! After a long time though I got back to that point and beat Gruntilda with 2 extra jiggys, 900 notes, and 32 remaining Mumbo tokens.(And it took me more then a couple a weeks to finally beat it)

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