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Sent in by Willy Morris I had offered one day to set up a World Series in Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball with my sister, Theresa. Knowing that she was never a very good player, I had expected to sweep the Series. So Game One started, with my Phillies' Terry Mulholland facing off against her Mariners' Randy Johnson. She won 1-0 on a Jay Buhner home run in the 7th. Game Two featured her Chris Bosio against my Tommy Greene. This game would last 16 innings before I finally prevailed, 3-2, at 3:00 AM. A week later, we continued with Game Three, my Curt Schilling against her Erik Hanson. I pitched seven perfect innings, and racked up eighteen strikeouts...but still managed to lose the game, 2-1, on a Mike Blowers 2-run homer. Game Four saw her Dave Fleming against my Mulholland. This game I managed to win, 3-1, but not before my perfect game was blown in the seventh. Theresa expected Randy Johnson to be back for Game Five...but he wasn't. Game Five featured her Tim Leary against my Greene. I won this one, 2-0. Before Game Six, Theresa wanted Johnson back...but no, he wasn't available. So she started Brad Holman against my Schilling...and pulled off a miracle 2-0 victory to force a Game Seven. By Game Seven she was about to destroy the game with a hammer. She didn't get Johnson back, either. So she started a terrible Dennis Powell against Mulholland. She pulled off another miracle 4-1 extra-inning victory.
Sent in by Craig Jacobs I had got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas in 1997. The day I got it I also got Madden 64. I played it for 2 hours and was leveling other teams on hard! I asked my dad if he wanted to play (thinking......easy win) Well things didn't happen that way. He won 48-14. I felt so embarrassed because my dad never play games!
Sent in by Chris Pautler I was playing a game of Blitz against my cousin who is 6 years old. I'm 13 years old so I was a little cocky. He was the Atlanta Falcons and I was the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. Throughout the whole game I was dominating. Until the last quarter. He started coming back and I couldn't stop him. Then he finally kicked a field goal to go ahead by 2. I was really mad their was only a couple seconds on the clock. I came after him with all I could. And he won. I was so mad. I'd been saving my progress for sometime and had no flaws until then. Boy was I steamed.
Sent in by Dominic When I first bought my NES, Super Mario Bros. game came with it. I must have played for days and still couldn't get very far. Then my little brother asked to try. I let him and in one try he went twice as far if not three times as far as I had. I didn't play after that for about a month because I was so disappointed in my ability to play. Of course since then, my brother has also beaten me to the end of the any game, but I didn't know that back then!!
Sent in by Banjo I, at the time, 8 years of video game experience, got help from my four year old cousin, with less than four years of gaming experience, (no exaggeration) on Banjo-Kazooie. I could not find the switch to raise the water to get to Rusty Bucket Bay, and he suggested I check out the sideroom of the entrance to Mad Monster Mansion. I reluctantly went down the path, and gave him the old "I Told You So" when I saw no way through the door. He told me to become a pumpkin in the level, and go through the hole. I said the "hole" was a dark spot, and told him that the magic wouldn't let me go that far from the level anyway. I went away to get a drink, and came back only to find him as a pumpkin, going through the hole in the door. then, he gave me the good old "I Told You So" and I started playing Rusty Bucket Bay, after thanking him. I felt like a total loser afterwards.
Sent in by J.C. Ricks I had to hook my Nintendo 64 to My VCR and it didn't work! I messed with it for 2 hours and finally got it to work. Then me and my brother played Goldeneye multiplayer and he beat the crud out of me!!
Sent in by Michael Cochran My worst Nintendo experience has to be watching all of my friends beat the first Super Mario Bros. in a matter of days. It took me two years. I got my first NES in late September of 1988, I didn't beat Mario for the first time until 1990, late 1990. I was so embarrassed that I couldn't get past such a "simple" game as Mario.
Sent in by Tommler West I was with my friends, six of them and then I played Goldeneye with them, once I turned the corner on the game, My friend killed me, it was his first try, and then he kept on beating me and I never won, not once. Then my friends started to make fun of me.
Sent in by Victor Broccoli My little brother beat me in World Tour in 10 seconds. He punched me, I heard a thwack, and I was out cold.
Sent in by Colin Healy Two of my friends and I were playing NBA Courtside. One of my friends, Eric, was on my team against Garry, my other friend. Garry doesn't play video games much, and Eric and me play a lot. Garry barely knew what to do! I figured, easy win. Well, the game didn't go to well. Garry kept making impossible, off balanced shots while we kept missing ridiculous easy ones. Our passes were going wild, his were perfect. He soon went up by twenty. Still I was confident we would beat him. I bet him if Eric and me lose I would put his sock in my mouth. The game got worse and worse. The slaughter was on, and Eric and me lost by almost 50 to a player who had played the game only two or three times before. I had to stick his sock in my mouth.
Sent in by Joe I lost to a two year old in Goldeneye in a store and got publicly embarrassed.
Sent in by George I lost to my dad in Goldeneye 007. It was the first time he had ever played the game and he beat me!!!
Sent in by Steve Shannon One of my younger brother's friends that I had never met before came over to our house. He claimed that he could conquer anyone in Goldeneye, and I being cocky said that I highly doubted it since I had been undefeated up till then. So we had a little match, and he beat me so bad that I had to use to use the vibrating rumble pak as a Shiatsu massager. It was pretty humiliating to be beaten by someone half your age.
Sent in by Matt Hayon Once I had a party at my house and all of us went into the den to play N64. I turned on Goldeneye and I kept on dying. From then on, everybody thinks I stink at Goldeneye.
Sent in by David I'm 14 years old and one day I had my 5 year old cousin over at my house. He has a Game Boy and likes playing video games so I took him to my room to play Goldeneye 64. I picked the water caverns stage with remote mines. He had never played Goldeneye before and I figured he wouldn't be too hard too kill. We started out and he did OK and managed to avoid getting killed. Around this time a couple of my friends came over and watched us. I found him on one of the catwalks and chased after him. As I stepped into one of airlocks things set off about 10 remote mines he had set there earlier and killed me. I am 9 years older than him and an expert at Goldeneye and he had never even played the game before. I am still being made fun of by friends for losing to him.
Sent in by Greg Stromire I was the king in Goldeneye, or so I thought. I had invited my friend over to play for the first time, he didn't even own Nintendo. I bet that could beat him in every aspect of the game, and if I won, then I could tell him to do anything I wanted for a week, and visa versa. He agreed solely to the hope that I will have to lose sometime. I beat him left and right, until came proximity mines. I would run at him with my gun, little did i know that he set one on the stairs. I lost. I had to do his chores and he got paid for it too.
Sent in by Jaime Nunez I was playing Super Mario RPG and I couldn't beat the Hammer Brothers. I got angry and decided to watch T.V. to calm down. Later I went to play some more when I see my little brother defeating The Hammer Brothers. (At the time, he was 5 and he had only played Super Mario World which he couldn't defeat without my help.) He had less than a year of experience playing video games, and I was playing video games at the time for 5 years. I was helped by my little brother who didn't even know who the main character was!!

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