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Power goes out.

Sent in by Brandon Wiese I was playing the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for 6 hours straight and I was on my way to the final Gannon when there was a knock at the door. I didn't care who it was, so I just shut my door and kept playing. In about ten minutes the power shut off, right when my arrow was about to kill Gannon! I came out of my room and asked what happened to the power. That knock I heard was an electric company worker and the had to do some maintenance with the power cables. I went back to my room and turned on my Game Boy and thought it wasn't all that bad, I could just start from my last save point. I forgot to save the entire time.
Sent in by Stephanie Marie Smith Two years ago (1997) when my Dad, his friend Ron, and I all embarked on the wonderful mission of beating Super NES's Super Ghouls and Ghosts game. It took us four weeks of not turning off the system to get through it the first time... then we found out about the bracelet. So it took another seven weeks of not turning off the system (I'm really good at video games but I can't relate to Super Ghouls and Ghosts at all). Anyway... we got all the way to the last guy and left it overnight once again...big mistake; the night that we left the game was the night that the biggest snowstorm in 10 years hit. As you might have guessed the power went out and that stands as my worst Nintendo experience ever.
Sent in by Alexis I was playing Goldeneye, and was playing Aztec on 00 agent, had already beaten every other level (except Egyptian of course) and had all the stuff I needed, and was heading over to the rocket to launch it. Halfway up the ladder, enemies start shooting. Scurring up, I made it, and activated the launch. Seconds later *ZAP* the screen went blank. The light on the Nintendo 64 was off! So were all the lights in the room. Outside, was a storm. A few minutes later, the power went back on, but that was such a bad time for a power outage!
Sent in by Rumel Del Rosario I was playing Super Mario RPG which I really liked. It was a stormy day. I got bored so I started playing. I was to the last boss in the game, so I started to finish it. Well as I got to Smithy, the last boss, and checked to see how much energy he had left, he had 50 HP left. I never been this far before, usually I die when I fight him. And it took me 3 weeks just to get to the part where he was almost dead. So I was getting ready to attack when the power went out! Boy I was mad. I had worked so long on this game. I started screaming and was hoping that the power would come back. It took and hour before it came back. So I turned on the game when I found out my saved game was erased where I was at the Smithy fighting place. I got all mad and stuff and started to mess my room up. I was out of control. And by the time my anger left me, my room was so messy, it was like a tornado passed by.
Sent in by Cherry Bomb I was playing Mario 64 and I was about to get the 120th star for the first time. I got there all with out saving. It was stormy out side and you guessed it, it blackout and the game was gone.
Sent in by KlAsHeR I was at the very end of Juristic Park. The helicopter was landing, and right then we had a power surge!! URGGG!!!!!! I was so frustrated!
Sent in by Karl When I was playing WCW World Tour, I had just started. I had the four hidden characters. Then Black Widow, and Started going for Joe Bruiser. It had been a good 4 1/2 hours. (I'm not that great). When I finally got there, I was whooping him up and just as I was about to knock him out, my electricity turned off. Everything was finished! No codes or nothing. I was doing this for a friend and I stayed up all day long so I could get it back in time for him to go on a vacation, and because my brother had spent the night at friends house with my friends memory card so I was waiting to save it and give it to him before my buddy left. So, my buddy didn't get his Memory Card with the characters and I was so mad I couldn't do it for him.
Sent in by Bj One of my worst Nintendo experiences happened when I was fighting the boss of Kaos Kore (World 7) in Donkey Kong Country 3. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to save my game since K3 (world 5), and just at that moment, there was a power blackout in my area Four and a half hours of hard work on one of my favorite games (which, at the time, I had only had for a couple of weeks) all went to waste! To make things worse, I got so mad that every time I tried the game again, I just got angry and played terribly.... It took me weeks to catch up to where I was at before (my parents introduced a "No Nintendo During The Week" rule).
Sent in by Joshua Marvin About three years ago (1995) my Stepfather found a glitch in Final Fantasy 3 that gave you a lot of hidden items and tones of them. Until about a month ago I used the Game Genie to reach level 99 after one fight, but one of the codes I used deleted that save. I've tried to reach the area were he left off but the power keeps going out in our house before I remember to save. The farthest I've gotten before the power goes out is to the part were Cyan joins your party. I'm going to die if he finds out, so I keep telling him a friend of mine is borrowing it.
Sent in by Joshua When I first got Mega Man X3, I decided I'd play through it without turning it off. So I played for about 3 hours. After I found all the items, I went to fight Dr. Doppler. Just when the battle was about to start, the power went out. I had forgotten to write down any of the passwords, so I was out of luck.
Sent in by Kevin Morrison In 1990, the week after Mega Man 3 came out I had purchased the game. I spent all night playing and I was on the had just finished the 8th block of Dr. Wiley's castle thing when the power went out!! So I lost my place in my game and I had to start all over again!
Sent in by Justin Bates One time I was playing NES in my room during a storm. I was fighting Gannon on the first Zelda game. Just as I was about to give him the final swing of my sword, the power went out. I hadn't saved for a long time. I was so frustrated I didn't play Zelda for a at least a month.
Sent in by Eric Janes It was about 11:00 p.m. and there was a storm. I was in my room playing Final Fantasy 3 in the middle of the Boss Fight with Kefka. I was sure that he would be defeated soon when all of a sudden the power went out. When I turned the power back on the next day I discovered that I hadn't saved the game while in the tower so I had to do it all over again.
Sent in by Tyler One day I was playing Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I was felling that I could beat it from Sunken Ship so I didn't save. An hour later I was still playing and the electricity WENT OUT! I was at Smithy too.
Sent in by Mike I had played every level of Arkanoid up to level 98 without stopping, and then suddenly the power went out. When my TV went back on, it was at the introduction screen. I haven't played the game since.

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