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Get shocked/electrocuted

I was playing Super Mario RPG. I was very far and at barrel volcano. I was drinking some water and put it on the back of the TV. Bad move. My dad walked in and spilt the water (the TV is right next to the porch doorway) and it ran down into the vents in the back just as I beat the axem rangers! The TV went ballistic sparks flew everywhere and I got shocked pretty bad. My Super NES wouldn't work for three hours.
Sent in by Netman Around November 1996, I was trying to sell my Super NES and 6 games to get an Nintendo 64. I had sold 6 games, and had someone in line to buy my Super NES. The people we were selling it to had demanded that it have 2 controllers, which I did. So the day comes that I sell it to them, and I sit down to play it ONE LAST TIME, and I rub the controller against the old brown couch, and then touched the controller. And I got a huge shock! Not only that, but the controller didn't work! I had wrecked it! I felt so dumb, and had to go buy another controller quickly.
Sent in by Sathi Nirushan I was electrocuted by my Nintendo 64 on April 18, 1999. I was playing Goldeneye 007 when all of a sudden, my 4-year old brother comes running downstairs. He trips on the wire hooked up to the TV thus making the wire fall out. Then I got electrocuted. It was a minor electrocution because I was not injured.
Sent in by NEStradamus A couple of years ago (1996), when I first got Zelda for NES, I was in Gannon's castle on the second quest, and when I was just about to him my sister came in and spilled pop on my NES and almost electrocuted me and of course it ruined my NES and my Zelda game and file.
Sent in by Nicholas Forster When I was hooking up my Super NES at my dad's house, there was one of those small portable lamps, and I started to plug in the RF Switch, and the lamp fell on it's side, and shocked me! Luckily, the RF Switch, the games, my saved files, and my Super NES were all right, and I was too, but the lamp was wrecked.
Sent in by Laszlo Korossy A few years ago, my brother was playing an NES game. He was really far, and hadn't written any passwords down yet or saved. I had been walking around downstairs, wearing socks. When I went upstairs, I wanted to talk to my brother, but he always got really annoyed when I talked while he was playing. So I just tapped him on the shoulder, and ZAP! I shocked him with a little static accidently, and the electricity traveled, apparently, throughout his body through the controller and wire, into the NES, and reset it. My brother was shocked. We had only rented the game, and my brother never did get a chance to re-rent it and see the ending.
Sent in by Kris Powell I was at my friends house when at the time we decided to play Mario Kart 64. I was fumbling at hooking it up when my friends turned on the TV. I got the most "Shocking" experience, If you know what I mean.

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