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Luigi and Super Mario 64

Luigi pictures.

Luigi flying Luigi at the pyramids Luigi and Mario out of the castle Luigi in the sky by a rainbow Luigi by water Luigi, Mario, and Yoshi Luigi in the snow

Below are 17 tips that I have heard of.

Remember, NONE of them work. Luigi is NOT in the game. I even asked the people at Nintendo of America.

First get 120 stars. If you drained the water only the fish pond will be there. Go into the fish pond and die. This might take a couple tries. If its true Luigi will be waiting for you at Tick Tock Clock. First get 120 stars then go to the cannon, after you talk to yoshi and get the wing cap. Shoot to the top of the castle (to get to the top of the castle you must shoot to the 2nd highest part of the castle and you can walk up one of the walls). From the top of the castle fly straight over the cannon and there is a small crack in the invisible wall. If you fly strait you can go to the islands out there each island is different. There is Luigi, Wario, Princess, Toad and Yoshi. Once you've done it all invisible walls are gone! To find Luigi in Mario 64 you have to have 120 stars. Then enter the castle and run up the stairs and into the door. THEN STOP!!!! Turn around and go back down the stairs and into the first snow level. To make sure you did it right go against the right side of the wall and you should hear Boo's voice. Go in the picture and go to the 6th star. Beat the Fat penguin 7 times and then give the Mama penguin her baby. She will tell you to go to Big Boo's Haunt. Go there and kill all the ghosts and eye balls. Then go to the canon out side and shoot up to the top of the castle and get the 100 lives from Yoshi, get the wing cap. Then go back to the canon shoot up to the pointy part of the castle. This takes awhile and kill you, but when you get it go back to the canon and shoot back up there. (The roof should be gone.) Shoot up there, fall threw there and slam where the sun is. Then you should here a voice say (It's a Luigi time.) A star will pop up an you will have 121 stars. Go back out side, get in the canon (with wing cap or not) and shoot at the water fall. You will see a door saying 120 stars. Go in and you will have 1 star left. Here you will FIGHT A HAMMER BROTHER. Hit him and kill him like Bowser. When he's dead he will give you another key. Go to the top of the castle. Here you can go in the clock base. When you go in you will see you are in the first water level. BUT IT'S BACKWARDS!!!! Go to the Boat and watch the box go by 64 times. After that slam on it and a hat with a L on it, a hat with a W on it, a crown, and a toad head will pop out. Pick them up and you will hear It's me Luigi, Wario, toad, and Peach. You will appear out side the castle. It will say a message then say save or don't save. Save and it will say chose your player. You may even get Yoshi. You have to find out. Oh yeah. Buy the way each player has a different cap!! First of all, do not save the game! Start the game with Mario's nose sticking out. Then start a new game. Then at the beginning go and swim around the whole perimeter of the out side pond. Then go and get ten stars without going down into the basement. Then go and get the winged cap. Then go and get all the stars on Bobomb Battlefield, Whomps, and Jolly Roger Bay. Then go into the basement and get the rabbit and boil the big bully. Then go to the Princesses Secret Slide and beat it 2 times. The second time must be in exactly 23.6 seconds then Luigi will pop up and give you a star. Then you may save. Then at the beginning of the game you will then have the option of either picking Mario or Luigi!!! The way to get Wario and Luigi is to get 120 stars and shoot up to the castle. Than get the wings and fly down. This next part takes forever. Shoot up from the cannon to the pointed part of the roof. Doing this will kill you, but the roof will be gone. In one spot, jump in and pound the ground where the sun is. You should get a star which makes 121. Than get into the cannon out side and shoot onto the waterfall. There should be a star door saying 120. Go in, it takes your stars so you should have one left. Than you will fight a Hammer Brother. Than if you beat him by hitting him on the bombs like Bowser 15 times, than you should get Luigi. In one of the stages is Wario. Get 120 stars and get Yoshi, then go in the castle go up the stairs in the middle and through the door but don't go any further. Turn around and go down the stairs. Enter Cool, Cool Mountain, and go to the right wall. If you hear Boo's voice, you did it right. Then enter Cool, Cool Mountain and go down the chimney and beat the Fat Penguin. Then repeat it again until you beat him 7 times in a row. Return the Baby Penguin to its mom. Get the star. Run to the basement. Ignore the phony and look for Luigi. Go into Big Boo's Haunt and get on top of the roof of the Big Boo merry-go-round by using the bouncing box. Luigi is at the top of the Lava Fall in Lethal Lava Land inside the volcano. Run around the chests inside the Sunken Ship after getting all 120 stars clockwise and counterclockwise, then butt-stomp the one closest to you. A hat with a L should come out. First, go to Princess Daisy's Secret Slide, and finish it under 15 seconds. (it can be done). Then go out side to the Star slam it. Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, and Toad will appear, and you will be able to chose which one to continue the game as! ! Beat Princess Daisys secret slide in under 20 seconds, not under 15, that's impossible. Then go to the outside area where the entrance to Big Boos Haunt is. Climb to the top of the silver star, and do a but slam on it, Luigi will appear in the water, give you a short message and give you a gift from the Mario staff of 100 lives (like Yoshi does, but 100 rather than 50), and he will ask you if you want to continue the game as Luigi or Mario, and gives you the option to save. Get all 120 of the stars in the correct order as in the SM64 player's guide. Go to Jolly Roger Bay go into the sunken ship, drain it and run around each chests individually 64 times clockwise, then run around each chests individually 64 times counterclockwise, then butt-stomp the chest that is closest to you and a hat with a L will pop out. Put it on and go for the star with the eel. The star will be blue and hard to see so try to grab the eel's tail. This will save the cap and you will be in the front yard and talk with Luigi. Get all 120 stars in some special order so that when the princess kisses Mario, you'll see Luigi coming up the path. There is a warp in Big Boo's Haunt that brings you to him. Go in the Lava Land and go in the volcano. Now there are 2 ways to get him. Dive into the Lava Fall at just the right angle, and you will fall into a secret room with a painting of Luigi. Or go on one of the poles and keep bouncing up the Lava Fall, you will see a ledge, if you go on it and look around, Luigi will be there! Go in the Rainbow World where you get the 8 red coins. Go in the cannon, aim as far right if the screen as you can, and blast. Near the end of your blast, you will go through a series of clouds, on the last cloud you will see Luigi standing. He will be glad you found him and then you will be Luigi in Bomb omb Battlefield. (NOTE: You have to do these steps with out saving!!) Plug your Controller into the 2nd Controller port. Before you turn on the N64, hold the joystick up to where that will be the neutral position. Turn on the N64. Go to file B. (You must erase if you have data on that file) Go to the castle door and go in. As soon as you enter the door, press L, R, & Start simultaneously to set the neutral position back to normal. Go to Bombomb Battlefield & get the 1st, 3rd, & 7th stars. Then go to Whomp's Fortress and get the 1st, 6th & 7th stars. Now go to Jolly Roger Bay & get the 1st, 5th, & 7th stars. This will give you nine stars. Go to Bowser in the Dark world now. Get the 8 red coins & get the star. (Don't fight Bowser yet.) Now go to Cool Cool Mountain and get the 6th star. Now go into the wing cap stage get all the 8 red coins. Don't jump on the red switch!!!!!!! Now go back to Bowser in the Dark World. Get to Bowser, but don't kill him yet. Let him keep spitting fire & keep collecting the coins until you have 164 coins. Now beat Bowser. Go to the basement & unlock the door. Walk to your left to where you see the ramp with the blue glass covering it. Dive up the ramp & then go through the door. Walk down to your right & then jump into the pool of water. Swim forward until you get to the other side. Jump onto one of the poles & do the butt slam. Then jump on the other pole & do the butt slam to drain the water. Go out the metal door at the bottom. Now go into the vanish cap stage. Go into the stage and work your way to the blue switch. Once you have jumped on it, just jump off the side to exit the stage. Now go back to Jolly Roger Bay. Go to star 2 & go to the ship. You will see the box with a poison symbol on it. Let the box go left 64 times & go right 64 times. After it has gone back & fourth 64 times, butt slam it. Instead of hurting you, the box will burst and a green hat will come out of it. Pick it up and Mario will spin around and say "It's-a-Luigi-time!" You will be sent out of the stage. Now you can go upstairs without beating Bowser in the Fire Sea. Go to the hall of mirrors. When you walk in there, jump on top of the 1st pole you come to. Do the butt slam on the pole 6 times. Then go to the pole in front of the Goomba painting & jump onto it. Do the butt slam 4 times on it. All of a sudden Luigi will appear in the mirror in front of the Goomba painting. Punch him and he will come out. Now he will follow you wherever you go & you can switch between who plays by pushing L. When you find Luigi, he will give you a star, the 121st star.
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