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X-Man: Mutant Apocolypse

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Sent in by Michael J. Tyler GXWW WBCB Mission 6 BPPC MGMG Mission 7 XMGG MMMM Mission 8 GXMC WMXA Mission 9 GXGW WMXA Mission 10 BPCC MCPW Mission 11 ----KEY---- G= Gambit X= Xavier W= Wolverine B= Beast C= Cyclops M= Magneto P= Psylocke A= Apocolypse
Sent in by Chris Mission 1 Xavier Magneto Psylocke Wolverine Apocalypse Gambit Magneto Magneto Mission 2 Psylocke Cyclops Gambit Cyclops Cyclops Magneto Magneto Psylocke Mission 3 Gambit Xavier Psylocke Wolverine Cyclops Gambit Magneto Apocalypse Mission 4 Beast Psylocke Wolverine Cyclops Apocalypse Beast Psylocke Wolverine Mission 5 Xavier Magneto Cyclops Wolverine Apocalypse Cyclops Psylocke Xavier Mission 6 Psylocke Cyclops Wolverine Cyclops Cyclops Beast Psylocke Cyclops


Sent in by Wolverine On the stage where the lava is chasing you at the beginning, their is a way you can take a shortcut and get a secretly placed "X" item. First you must have Wolverine, when you start off, go through the first set of pillars that block your way, soon you should see an opening at the top of the screen. Climb up the wall, collect the "X" item and move on.

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