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Super Ninja Boy

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Sent in by Ian In the password screen type in kr!sten. Than do Start or begin. It should say incorrect code. Do it again and it should say it keep doing it until it says type in correct code or begin at Moo. Do it one more time, it will bring you to Moo with 100 medals and almost the best equipment, plus Big Bot, the submarine and all of the other stuff.
Sent in by Dustan Gassaway If you type in nr at the password screen you will get 32 level ups, a lot of life, a lot of money, a lot medals and it will take you to a foreign stage.
RZ Start at level 7 with $999,999, 100 medals, and the Yellow Aura. NS Sound Test RS "Information Mode" - View cinema scenes with text TZ "Messenger Mode" - View text, but no cinemas Enter the first six letters of a password. Then press Start until your game starts. Now check your status and you will be very happy.

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