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Level tips
Game Genie codes

Level tips

After starting the first level of Cotton island, move left and jump into the water. Continue moving in this direction until your character reaches an island. Shoot the fruit on the tree three times to access a bonus level. Complete this bonus level to jump to level five. Complete this level and start the next level. Move down the hill, jump on the cradle, and avoid the fish. Wait until the cradle rises to reach a floating island. Shott the fruit on the tree at this location three times to access another bonus level. Complete this bonus level to jump past the Bobbins Brothers to reach Acrrilic and Plok's house. Click here

Game Genie codes

Sent in by Brian Kent C26D-3D0D Invincibility F482-CDDD When the effects are on, Plok floats in the air and you can move him around, turn them off to let him drop. F468-CDDD When you jump around, you collect tons of shells out of nowhere, it messes the graphics up and you may get stuck. When you put the two codes above together and you turn the effects off and on, Plok can multi-jump!!! F48C-CFDD Weird jump, you jump as high as the spin jump. 23CC-CDDD Enemies and limbs are invisible. C288-3D6D When you shoot all of Plok's limbs, he doesn't bounce when you move to the right or left. 66CC-3D0C No logs 66CC-3F0C Logs roll in the opposite direction 66CC-3FDC Psycho Logs

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