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1,000,000 C-Bills

1,000,000 C-Bills

Sent in by To gather 1,000,000 C-Bills start a new game and take the following 4 missions in this order: Riot Duty on Zhada, Riot Duty on Solaris, Assault on Quilon, and Siege on Dalview. If you complete the 4 missions without even talking to Cearle, go to the Zero-Zero club and speak with Larmen Sholest to recive the C-Bills.


After you landon the Planet, pause the game. Press A, L, L, Y, A, L, L, Y, A, L, L, Y, Start. The word "Invincible" should appear acroos the screen, and you will be invincible to enemy attacks for the entire battle.

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