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The Lord of the Rings: Volume One

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Sent in by Chase Lancaster Nettles In the password screen, on the second and third lines, type in all numbers on both of them. With each different combination, you will get different results in stats and characters on your team. Here is one that I figured out and it gives you all of the characters including Gandalf, and raises all of their stats dramatically. ...... ...... 888888 888888 888888 888888 ...... ...... Put all eights in the middle two rows. You can change it around with any other number, but make sure its only on the two middle lines. Then push start. You should get an error sound. Go back and erase all of the numbers until the screen is empty again. The push the start button again.
Sent in by Dug In order to get everyone on the password screen, type LQW across the top two lines both rows and leave everything else blank.
Sent in by The ruler On the lord of the rings there is a code were you can make up your own password. Just go to the continue option and don't use the inventory line and the very top line, only use the two middle lines. ...... ...... (986979) CH89HJ ZX8V99 DE7TY9 Inventory code ...... ...... Here's a code to help you get started. When you do this make sure you use only numbers on the line that have brackets around them. Now your ready for the neat twist, erase the password and press Start. Note: If it doesn't work I recommend beating the game first. If you come out lucky you will Start the game with Frodo, Aragorn, Legolas, and sometimes Gimly. You will have a lot's of lives, and check out your stats!

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