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Krusty's Super Fun House

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Rounding up all of the rats


JOSHUA You will be able to enter any room in the house, and you can have your pie reserves be replenished by pressing L and R at the same time (the top buttons, not left and right). To open all doors, and have unlimited lives use SMAILLIW as password. BARTMAN Level 2 SMITHERS Level 3 SNOWBALL Level 4 JEBEDIAH Level 5

Rounding up all of the rats

Here's a quick way to round up all the rats at once in an entire room in Krusty's Super Fun House. In any room where Krusty has at least two moveable blocks, position the first block near a wall. Wait until the rats have crossed and are between the wall and the block. While standing on top of the first block, release the block that Krusty is carrying and trap the rats. If the area where the rats are trapped is only as wide as one block, all the rats in that space will be compressed into a single rat. This is especially helpful in areas where Krusty must build stairs for the rats to climb in order to reach the trap.

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