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Knights of the Round

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Level 1: Scorn A large knight with a pike, hack him once or twice, then defend when he starts to raise his pike. Dash and attack to knock him over, dash into him again when he is picking himself off the ground and hit him two to three times, then defend. Scorn reappears later in the game as a regular enemy called Tall Man, who's much easier to fight. Level 2: Sword Master Braford First thing to do is knock him off his horse. You'll need to defend a lot when he is on the horse because he as a slashing energy attack that travels straight across the screen. Once you have him off the horse, stand still and wait for him to come to you. Defend against his attacks, and strike back while you are invincible. Jump and attack into Braford when he is in the air for an almost sure hit. Level 3: Arlon the Silver Emperor Block his mace, attack three times while you are invulnerable, back off. Hit him three times, when he draws back to strike, defend, then attack again. Level 4: Nightshade the Phantom When he splits into three, attack the one who jumps up and tosses a series of cleavers into the air. Jump up and slash to take the eagles out of the air. Level 5: The Hammer Balbars Don't get trapped in a corner! Take out the little guys when they appear on the screen, they become a nuisance later. Defend when he jumps into the air, and he will bounce off you and fall onto the ground, where he will be vulnerable to a dash attack for a second. Attack twice when he spreads his arms, then defend when he tries to pick you up. Level 6: The Dark Armor Muramasa Defend when he bows and concentrates, then attack after he rushes and bounces off you. Defend twice when he raises into the sir to launch the fire attack. Level 7: Iron Golem Hit it in the chest where the driver is sitting, then defend when the spiked arm drops on top of you. Avoid the spiked balls. Stand there and hack away. The Final Conflict: Garibaldi Attacks with a combination of Arlon and Braford's attacks. Defend against his attacks, hit him twice while he's invulnerable, then back off.

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