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Stage Select Screen and life can be refilled

Stage Select Screen and life can be refilled

Sent in by Rory Skrent Before the Copyright screen fades, press Left, Up, X, Up, Right, and Y. Ignore the message that appears and press A and Y together. Press Start to begin a new game. Now you can access a Stage Select Screen at any time, by pressing Start. Also if you pause the game while fighting a major foe, your life bar will be refilled all the way.


Sent in by YVVP Level 1 QBGB Level 2 VFPD Level 3 CPRY Level 4 FCWZ Level 5 RLFJ Level 6 RLFJ Level 7 TDYT Level 8 VYRX Level 9 CRQF Level 10 CNRN Level 11 VMTB Level 12 XCWV Level 13 QBTV Level 14 TMKT Level 15 VMTB Level 16 XCWV Level 17 TQZH Level 18

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