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Jeopardy! Featuring Alex Trebek

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Questions and answers

Questions and answers

He was a Dark Knight until he became a Paladin at the top of Mt. Ordeal. Who was Cecil of Final Fantasy 2?
Sent in by Albern Connelly He is the Chief Sinistral of Lufia. Who was Daos? Click here
Sent in by Anthony In Mega Man X which boss do you beat up first? Ice Penguin
Sent in by John The former name of the country now known as Zimbabwe. What is Rhodesia?
Sent in by Filip Siwierski I live on a farm and it is a NES game. What is Harvest Moon? I am the host of this incredible show. Who is Alix Trebek
Sent in by Marty Hogan Princess Incognito Who was Cinderella introduced as when she arrived at the ball?

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