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Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures

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Phi, Epsilon, Psi, Omega Level 3 Omega, Delta, Epsilon, Phi Level 5 Psi, Epsilon, Epsilon, Phi Level 11 Delta, Phi, Delta, Omega Level 13 Delta, Phi, Omega, Epsilon Level 15 Phi, Delta, Phi, Psi Level 17 Phi, Omega, Psi, Omega Level 21 Delta, Psi, Phi, Omega Level 22 Epsilon, Omega, Delta, Epsilon Level 24 Phi, Psi, Delta, Phi Level 26


Phi, Omega, Omega, Epsilon Level 3 Phi, Phi, Omega, Psi Level 5 Omega, Delta, Omega, Psi Level 11 Omega, Delta, Phi, Psi Level 13 Epsilon, Phi, Omega, Epsilon Level 15 Omega, Psi, Psi, Omega Level 17 Omega, Omega, Delta, Phi Level 21 Psi, Delta, Epsilon, Epsilon Level 22 Psi, Omega, Delta, Epsilon Level 24 Psi, Psi, Phi, Omega Level 26

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