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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

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Spin jump
Fighting Harry and Marv

Spin jump

Sent in by GameGirl In beginning of the game run right, jump on the plant pot over the bellhop jump on the ashtray and a pidgin. The pidgin gives you a spin jump and except for the bellhop, detective, Harry and Marv, bomb guy in the park and low suitcases and chefs you can knock all enemies off the screen. This prevents the ammunition you have to use. I can get though the entire plaza hotel with using only two necklaces, two flying fists, and one super fist this way.

Fighting Harry and Marv

Sent in by GameGirl On the Christmas tree in the final level the dart gun is the better weapon to use against Harry and Marv. If you use anything to knock them off the screen the bags the pidgin lady uses have to weaken them all over again.

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