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Genghis Khan II Clan of the Grey Wolf

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Starter tips

Starter tips

Sent in by Michael Wilson For starters you need to build up cash to buy troops and arm. To do this trade silk back and forth on the same turn, Chinese merchants are cheapest followed by Uighur, Islamic, and Venetian. To build a strong economy I recommend allocating labor at 50-0-0-50, with 50 in grain and construction. Don't be stingy either, if you keep the people happy you'll get more money in spring. When it comes to what units to buy ignore weak projectile units like bowmen, catapults, and cannons. Purchase instead large strong units like lancers, mamelukes, elephants, nomads, mongols, and samurai. Mongols are the best warriors in the game followed by samurai. These two units and nomads offer good defense, fair long range attack, and a brutal close combat ability. There greatest asset probably being there mobility. That is one reason I discourage the use of knights, they are the most expensive units and yet they are mediocre at best. You should hire mercenaries as opposed to recruiting when the rate is low because it is sometimes cheaper but more importantly because when buying large numbers of troops recruiting lowers your population while buying mercenaries does not. More people means more money and more food. It is important to spend lots of time with your family to produce good heirs. You should save at the end of every turn and I have a damn good reason. If after ending your turn you get a message saying you have a daughter simply reset and end the turn over again until you get a son. Son's are ALWAYS superior to daughters. I recommend saving just before making a prince a general. The skills he has will not vary after resetting and trying again but his body points will. Even if you don't plan on a particular son being heir get as many points as possible for him because people with more bodypoints live longer by about a decade or more. When choosing an heir always choose the heir with the greatest political skill, these heirs will have heirs with good political ability as well. I also recommend when playing solo to play to different characters at once so you only have to conquer half the world. Then just move the capitals next to each other and have one demand submission, have the other submit and the game is over. Click here


Sent in by Phil The best troops are Genghis's own Mongols. They are rated B in attack B or C in defense B in Missile Fire and B in charge. But most important is their huge mobility more than anything else in the game. That means extra shots per round. Nomads are OK too and less mobility, but cheaper. Samurai and horse archers are OK, Catapults and longbowman/crossbowman have their place in the number 1 division in a special attack. I dislike Knights Mamelukes and Lancers because they can't shoot. Elephants are too immobile for my taste. The computer is OK at fighting but has one problem. When it is on defense in a fortification, it will sit back there and not move out of it no matter what. You can move your Mongols up to just out of range. Find the range by moving them 1 step at a time and attempting to Fire afterward. When the red Fire area just touches the enemy but doesn't allow it to be selected, you are just out of range. move the 2 or 3 shooting troops there that can fit and leave the 4th behind to rotate in. Next turn take the 1 step into range, fire until only 2 mobility are left, and take the step back. They will not retaliate. When one troop runs out of arrows rotate him out and the 4th one in. Keep doing this and you can get the enemy down to 50 each in 3 attempts while you are still all at 200 strength. Then charge in and overwhelm them. Note that your commanders strength is very important. An A in War and A in Leadership gives all your units a nice mobility advantage as well as more damage. in situations where the enemy has a very strong fortification, you might want to substitute catapults for mongols. Catapults can do good damage and are not affected by fortification protection that reduces damage but their mobility is small. Get the enemy down to just a few and then attack them hand to hand -- it looks like you are running over them with a truck :) What about when you are counterattacked by another unit and aren't strong enough to slag him? Move 1 weak trooper towards the enemy getting just into shooting range. The enemy will shoot him. This eats away at his life but slowly, eating up time. If they move towards the troop move him away. Then move the unit back in front of your team in a narrow spot where only 1 can engage at him at a time. Don't counterattack the guy at all just sit there. If he gets dizzy have your other troops try to revive him. Another way to play for time without even getting injured is if there is a huge block of bushes in the middle of the battle field, you can play cat-and-mouse around the bush until the time for the battle has expired. Playing for time this way can let you escape with your generals life. Rundown: quality units save you money over quantity in the long run. you have to pay each unit the same amount every year to keep it. Why pay 500 each year for 10 pikemen when you can pay 200 for 4 mongols and then save up the 300 to buy more mongols. Funding is not too difficult. It centers on merchants, taxes, and goods. Use taxes to get some quick cash at the expense of annoying your people. Hold the cash as you can. Use the Labor and policy commands to assign people to build the town (affects annual tax money). Food (can be sold when rate is 1 for profit) special items (if they are real special like silk you are all set but otherwise they can still be sold in large blocks for some $) check the merchant menu every time to see if merchants are present. When one is present you can sell your stuff. When 2 are present you can buy low from one and sell high to the other, making money in the process. For example, Chinese merchant sells silk cheap. I spend 4 body points to buy as much as I can leaving me with no money. The same turn I sell to the venetian for 3x cost for another 4 body points. Maybe with the last 5 points you buy mercenary troops or buy some silk for later, next turn even, if they stay. The closer you are to a Merchant nation: Vighur, Hunan Province, Italy, or Saudi Arabia the more chance you will get visited by that merchant. If you reside in that province you can sell and buy whenever you want but other merchants will not stay long.

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